Announcing The Wom: the new digital brand, a social media first, 100% inclusive, addressing millenials and generation Z

The Wom is the first Italian media brand with a Gender & Inclusion Committee, to affirm the uniqueness of every individual

Mondadori Media announces its new all-digital brand The Wom: an innovative social media and web magazine dedicated to young millennials, a generation for whom uniqueness is a strength and a value that goes beyond labels to enhance them and others.

The brand name is an abbreviation of “woman”, with multiple meanings: The Wom powerfully overcomes gender differences (“Woman or Man”), celebrates all women (“Wonder Woman”, “Wonderful Me”), and talks the same language as users (“Word of mouth”).

Through an original editorial offer, The Wom promotes a culture that affirms free personal expression, as reflected in the claim “Be WOMderful, be yourself”: it addresses a community of people sensitive to the values of gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability, with inclusive content and language typical of generation Z and millennials.

With the launch of this new female brand, designed to respond to the needs and interests of the new generations of women on their preferred channels, Instagram and TikTok, and on the web, Mondadori Media – the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company, the leading player on social media in Italy with 57.5 million fans – is expanding its editorial offer.

«The Wom talks the same language as young millennials and generation Z. It’s an ambitious project that demonstrates Mondadori Media’s continuous capacity for innovation, rooted in digital expertise and constant attention to new languages and formats, making us a leading multimedia company on the web today and the first social destination in Italy. With The Wom we want to become a go-to for the under-35s on social media, affirming the uniqueness of each individual and providing inspiration in key areas of self-expression such as beauty or fashion,» said Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

To safeguard its mission, The Wom is the first Italian editorial brand to introduce a Gender and Inclusion Committee. The purpose of the committee, an independent body, is to implement the values agenda of The Wom on the issues of greatest interest to the new generations. Its members will include such distinguished women as Benedetta De Luca, a law graduate and disability model, who, as Gender and Inclusion Editor, will ensure that the brand’s content and philosophy comply with all the principles that inspire The Wom, using appropriate language and sensitivity; Federica Gasbarro, an activist, biologist and green influencer, who, as Climate Editor, will raise the awareness of The Wom followers on climate-change-related topics; Victoria Oluboyo, a civil rights activist and intersectional feminist, and Ariman Scriba, a mental health advocate, who will focus on invisible forms of distress.

The Wom has already achieved extraordinary results: in the few months since the launch of the beta version on social media and the web, it has attracted an overall fanbase of 3.6 million followers, 90% of whom are women, and an audience of 5 million unique users per month, to become the leading brand in the under-35 female segment (source: Shareablee e Insight, January 2022; Google Analytics, January 2022).

The new brand stands out for the presence, on both Instagram and TikTok and online at, of the main The Wom account and other 5 vertical profilesThe Wom Beauty, The Wom Fashion, The Wom Healthy, The Wom Life, The Wom Travel -, with features and inspirations relating to beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, lifestyles, to respond to the interests of this generation.

Another asset of The Wom is the production of short videos portraying the values of this generation, interpreted by a team of more than 50 creators from among the most popular names on Instagram and TikTok. They include gamer and cosplayer Antonella Arpa; creator and beauty influencer Martina Luchena; bionic model Nina Rima; curvy model Paola Torrente; beauty creator Arienne Makeup; body positive creator Giorgy Colella; beauty guru and influencer Damn Tee; creator and make-up artist Abbia Maswi; actress and creator Ludovica di Donato, for an output of more than 140 reels a month.

The Wom has a fluid design and hybrid mix of social media and web functions, such as a social media wall and tap browsing on the site in the style of Instagram stories. The look & feel of the website has been created with moving “e(motion)al” elements, like the browsing ticker and the dynamic content-related palette of pastel colours.

The Wom stylistic identity is instantly recognisable thanks to Melania Gazzaruso, aka Memilus, a visual artist who narrates daily experiences with cartoon-style illustrations, accompanied by value-based phrases with which the community identifies.

The launch of The Wom is supported by a communication campaign designed by CasiraghiGreco&, for b2b publications and DOOH in the main districts of Milan; this will be followed in March by the launch of #TheWomPower, a special challenge on Instagram and TikTok for exceptionally normal “WOMder Women”, which will involve the brand’s top creators.

Marketing has been assigned exclusively to the Mediamond concessionaire, which will provide clients with innovative sponsored social and web formats, as well as unboxing videos, product testing reels and stories with brand editors. The Wom covers a variety of beauty- and fashion-related sectors, and also aims to expand into the pharma and travel areas through collaboration with creators and industry experts.

Ad hoc content, illustrations and social media cards will be completely customisable with the sponsor’s colours, maintaining narrative consistency and guaranteeing the integration of the adv message with the editorial content.