Grazia presents the special issue at the Design Week: Here, where dreams come true

Elena Salmistraro, guest editor of the magazine directed by Silvia Grilli

Grazia, fashion point of reference and advocate of current affairs, presents a special issue edited by the talented designer, Elena Salmistraro, at the Design Week. 

Here, where dreams come true is the title of this magazine issue, which will be on the news stands for two weeks.

“Dreams and reality are the themes of this special issue, for which I wanted the visionary designer, Elena Salmistraro, as guest editor. And while I welcome Elena, I invite you to cultivate dreams and to fight for them, because it’s the only way to respect ourselves and to be useful in this world,” writes Silvia Grilli, editor of Grazia, who tells readers about her dreams in her editorial: “I’ve always dreamt of society moving towards progress. In some ways, it’s already happening, as demonstrated the renewed female awareness towards their body and needs, by the achievements of the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement or even by the LGBTQI+ communities. The pressure against regression we are witnessing worldwide makes us understand that nothing lasts forever. On a bad day, any Vladimir Putin, or fanatic fundamentalist or conservative judge could take over and decide to safeguard their view of tradition, which in reality would be the end of freedom.”

“What have we become today, how do we interact with the world and others, with what is essentially a material reality? How do creativity, dreams, infinite and unattainable illusions affect us? I’m only certain about one thing: I know dreams can help us reinvent our reality, perhaps even to the point of overlapping it, up to the point of not being able to distinguish one from the other,” said Elena Salmistraro.

Today, we are in the era in which the physical and virtual worlds have blended to help us fulfil any desire: flying without leaving the ground, visiting boutiques in New York without leaving our home, inventing the unimaginable. All such experiences, which Grazia unveils through great reporting, are made possible thanks to digital technology and pages of this issue.

This special issue includes many interviews with renowned personalities from the world of entertainment, culture and design who reveal their views on dreams. From Elisa, the cover star, to Alessio Boni, from Myss Keta to Laura Morante and her daughter Eugenia Costantini. And even Tananai, Victoria Cabello, Michela Giraud and Ilenia Pastorelli.

The fashion shoots readers will discover throughout the magazine will feature “purely poetic” clothing embellished with Elena Salmistraro’s handmade designs. Dreamlike worlds is the photo shoot dedicated to design with iconic items bound to last over time.

During Milan’s Design Week, Grazia will be present in the area with a special digital Gazette-like issue to cover the main events and appointments of the behind the scene stories on its Instagram profile and website.

Since 2021, design has entered the magazine’s editorial calendar with ten appointments throughout the year.

With 21 editions worldwide, Grazia is a reference for 3 million users and readers, establishing itself as a constantly evolving brand (source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, September 2021), as well as for over 1.6 million fans (source: Shareablee plus Tik Tok and Pinterest).