The Wom celebrates uniqueness with #TheWomPower

A new branded effect on TikTok and an inclusive Instagram filter, to give a voice to everyone's exceptional normalness

The Wom, the 100% inclusive digital media brand for young millennials and generation Z, is today launching the #TheWomPower campaign to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and freedom to express their personality.

The project is designed to actively involve the new generations on social media through an innovative and inclusive tool, which encourages creativity and helps people speak frankly and openly about themselves, becoming an inspiration to all the community.

People who do not wish to be boxed into a single definition are being invited by The Wom to share their “superpowers” on social media, i.e. share what makes them exceptionally normal, creating a short video with the new #TheWomPower TikTok effect and the Instagram filter. 

Just use your hands to create the The Wom “W” in front of your smartphone’s camera to activate the effect and be surrounded by the new explosive purple cloud in the brand’s palette, and so transform into one of the WOMderful Heroes with the courage and determination of The Wom. The effect is completed by the original Be WOMderful audio track composed specifically for it.

“After its début last month, the new #TheWomPower campaign is a new piece in the The Wom communication strategy aimed at reaching the young generation as its target, promoting the brand’s values. It is an initiative aimed at making everyone feel perfect in their uniqueness, multiplying the contents and positive models they can see themselves in. Because being normal is an amazing endeavour,” declared Daniela Cerrato, mass market brand manager for Mondadori Media.

The campaign has been developed working with the brand’s Gender and Inclusion editor, focusing also on accessibility for people who have hand motor coordination issues.

“The Instagram filter is completely inclusive: it can be activated your fingers or mouth. It is an important step towards eliminating all types of barriers,” explains Benedetta De Luca, Gender and Inclusion editor for The Wom.

The campaign will be expanded by the The Wom squad and involve over 50 creators. These include body positive creator Giorgy Colella, gamer and cosplayer Antonella Arpa – Himorta, creator and makeup artist Abbia Maswi, curvy influencer Barbara Conte, creator and gamer Gioffy, makeup artist and beauty creator Beatrice Gherardini, fashion stylist and creator Lucia Andreoli, beauty creator and makeup artist Pierangelo Greco and beauty creator Arienne Makeup.

All contents created by users and creators will be included in the #TheWomPower effect page on TikToK and in the The Wom Instagram stories.

The project was developed with the contribution of the TikTok Italia team and the FLU and Cosmic agencies.

To support the launch of #TheWomPower, a domination and amplification campaign was put in place and is currently active on TikTok and Instagram.

The Wom can count on a growing audience: in February, its total fanbase on social media was 3.7 million, with 100,000 more followers compared to January, with 2 million interactions (Source: Sharablee and Insight, February) and a 38% increase in unique users on the web (source: Google Analytics, February vs January).

The initiative confirms the versatility of the project that can be activated on the The Wom platform. Thanks to marketing by Mediamond, the brand’s exclusive dealer, customers can use original formats that strategically combine videos, reels, stories and challenges, curated with The Wom editors, to talk about different product sectors, ranging from beauty to fashion, pharma to travel. In each of these sectors it is possible to activate commercial solutions with different types of offers, with guaranteed reach and possibly involving the most WOMderful creators.