The Mondadori Group launches the parenting project

The project, aimed at providing concrete and effective support, consists in a leaflet of values, a parental kit and an individual counselling service

The initiative is part of Mondadori Care, the new corporate plan focused on care in its broadest sense, such as caring for oneself, one’s children, one’s parents and society


The Mondadori Group strengthens its commitment to fostering an increasingly more inclusive corporate culture with the launch of the parenting project.

Such new initiative will provide concrete support to all the Group’s new parents during this intense period of transition with the aim of making a very important moment of their life inclusive.

Mondadori is increasingly more committed to ensuring balance between one’s private and professional life and to paying attention to people’s needs through Diversity & Inclusion projects intended to enhance individual uniqueness: thematic webinars with external authorial contributions, activities, services and surveys – alongside corporate welfare – to promote open discussions and offer tools developed to improve people’s well-being.

The Mondadori Group’s new parenting project is part of Mondadori Care, a corporate plan conceived to foster care in its broadest sense, such as caring for oneself, one’s children, one’s parents and society.

“The idea according to which Mondadori Care was conceived is based on the awareness that our Group’s employees undergo many different experiences both at work and in their private life, such as for example the birth of a child, which often involves significant amounts of care. This initiative aims to support our people during the most delicate moments of their life as parents, children and members of the society in which we live. We not only wish to carefully listen to their needs, but to also provide them with the necessary skills and tools, thus strengthening their sense of belonging to Mondadori,” stated Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group.

The leaflet

The project will be presented through the launch of a leaflet containing the values in which the Group believes, also in view of developing corporate culture.

Mondadori’s approach to parenting is expressed through six points, wherein parenting is understood as:

  1. social heritage: to foster a vision of parenting as an amplifier of well-being by promoting the concept both within the Group and throughout its institutional seats through a series of dialogues and discussions;
  2. shared responsibility: to support a fair distribution of attention and care within families by overcoming gender stereotypes;
  3. organisational and emotional discontinuity: to foster open discussions and a constructive approach, so as to transform a person’s temporary leave into an opportunity for personal, professional and organisational growth;
  4. balance between professional and personal well-being: to carefully listen to the needs of those facing such period of transition and to promote flexibility and welfare tools designed to better balance individual aspirations and organisational needs;
  5. caring and loving relationships devoid of stereotypes and social conventions: to further support, through the legal tools available, any parent and type of couple without comprising the importance of a caring and loving relationship;
  6. free and unconditional choice: to support parenting as a choice and not as an obligation, so as to respect those who legitimately choose not to have children or are unable to become parents.

Parental kit

To provide concrete support to new parents, the project further includes a parental kit with all the tools and information needed to better plan the before, during and after parental leave period, from the announcement to the company to the re-entry preparations.

The parental kit consists of: a checklist with practical information and tips on how to organise these months in the best possible way; a parental booklet with regulatory details on maternity and paternity in Italy; an individual counselling service dedicated to our people with children up to 3 years of age. A space is also planned for listening and reflection and during which any doubts about returning from a leave, any evolutionary processes and parent-related difficulty can also be conveyed.


The first actions of the Mondadori Care’s planned initiatives, including the parenting project, were implemented through the service developed in partnership with the Atelier della Mente association which, through a free path of personalised guidance, aims to provide concrete answers to those whom are called to take care of a relative suspected of cognitive impairment. Such social issue is increasingly widespread at national level, as also demonstrated in recent research which highlights how, in Italy, 1 out of 3 workers take care of an elderly or non self-sufficient relative and that the vast majority of caregivers (70%) are women between the ages of 45 and 55 (sources: Istat data).

Throughout the year, Mondadori Care will launch further initiatives aimed at pursuing the growth path of the children of our Group’s employees, also via educational guidance opportunities.


The parenting project is one of the 2023 goals included in the Mondadori Group’s Three-year sustainability plan. Strategic settings, quantitative and qualitative targets and short to long term actions aimed at continuously improving the Group’s social, governance and environmental performance were identified within the document.

The Plan is divided into three macro areas of reference, consistently with the global goals of the United Nations Organisation:

  • “Social” – enhancement of people, contents and places for education and culture;
  • “Governance” – promotion of sustainable corporate success;
  • “Environment” – diffusion of environmental culture and mitigation of impacts on ecosystems.