Boehringer Ingelheim chooses AdKaora

Boehringer Ingelheim chooses AdKaora to promote the launch of a new antiparasitic with multichannel proximity marketing and a digital out-of-home strategy

AdKaora, the Mondadori Group digital agency specializing in user-centric mobile advertising and proximity marketing, was chosen by Boehringer Ingelheim to promote the launch of a new antiparasitic tablet available for purchase without a veterinary prescription, with a combined proximity marketing and digital out-of-home strategy.

The campaign appeared online in May and June and was managed together with Hearts&Science. The objectives were product awareness and drive to store, achieved by combining high-impact creative formats with advanced proximity tools. The result was a highly effective circular, multichannel project involving more than 2,000 pharmacies and nearby digital totem circuit.

To boost product awareness and encourage footfall in the related stores, the strategy involved the delivery of a mix of geolocal mobile display advertising and near-store push notifications, shown to customers near the related stores to direct users to AdKaora’s proprietary technology, Find&Go Now! It consists of a specially created interactive map customized with brand-recognition elements to guide consumers to the nearest store that carries the product.

The results were positive. The engagement rate stood at 26.4% and the footfall analysis showed that visitation uplift, i.e. the increase in visits to points of interest, reached 41.9%.

Francesca Santoro, Digital Brand Specialist Boehringer Ingelheim: “Working closely with stores through a multi-touch point approach is key in getting users to go the last mile. The activity with AdKaora in 2023 allowed us to bring a lot of people to pharmacies in just a few weeks”.

Davide Tran, CEO AdKaora: “The proximity marketing project implemented together with Boehringer Ingelheim shows the success of a multichannel planning, which acts effectively across the entire consumer funnel. From display formats that reinforce user engagement to push notifications that aim to intercept them at micro-moments of interest, combined with footfall analysis that measures increased visits to the related stores, the strategy has allowed us to achieve important results with great customer satisfaction and compliance with the required KPIs. In addition, by integrating the DOOH channel, we were able to plan hyperlocal content on the main digital systems in major Italian cities. Users exposed to the dual mobile and digital out-of-home channels had significantly higher visit rates and visitation uplift performance than users affected by only one of the channels”.