Federica Magro appointed Editorial Director of Rizzoli publishing house

As of September 1, 2023 Federica Magro will assume the position of Editorial Director of Rizzoli, responding directly to Massimo Turchetta, General Manager and Publisher of the publishing house.

«I am grateful for the trust of those who appointed me to this position in the senior management of the Mondadori Group, and to Massimo Turchetta in particular. I consider myself fortunate because I know that I will be working with a team of professionals whom I hold in high esteem. Rizzoli is a great publishing house with a strong tradition of confronting the key issues of its time. We publish books in every sphere of publishing – from fiction to non-fiction, from classics to graphic novels – and have never been afraid to give space to the ideas and experiences of different worlds, faiths, and political orientations. We think we can gain new readers only if we maintain an open-minded approach to the complexities and contradictions of the present. This is my ambition: to keep Rizzoli at the centre of the debate, offering readers the tools and stories they need to interpret our times.»

Originally from Friuli, 54 years old, with two daughters, after graduating in Literature from the University of Milan and earning a doctorate from La Sapienza in Rome in Romance Philology, Federica Magro began working in the world of books, as a translator and reader for publishing houses, literary agencies, and newspapers, an activity with which she combined university research until 2001, when she joined the Mondadori Group as digital content manager for Mondadori Retail.

In 2006, she was called to work at the Oscars.

She joined the RCS Group in 2012 as editorial manager of BUR, where she combined management of a catalogue of over 4000 titles with creation of new original paperback series and scouting of non-fiction authors (including Daniele Novara and Stefania Andreoli, among others).

In 2016, she added to her frontlist responsibilities with BUR: historical novels for Fabbri and YA fiction for Rizzoli, the latter a veritable hotbed of new and established authors (such as Christopher Paolini, John Green, and Stephanie Garber, recently joined by British writer Holly Jackson, with her “Good Girls” trilogy on the charts for over a year).