Happy birthday Zenzero Talent Agency!

Twelve months after its launch, Zenzero is celebrating milestones with more than 25 employees, over 30 million followers, and more than 200 influencer marketing projects with 130 clients.

Stemming from a collaboration between Giallozafferano, the most popular food media brand in Italy, Oneshot Agency, a company that has worked for years in management and digital communication, and 6 top food creatorsDaniele Rossi, Cooker Girl, Diletta Secco, Rosy Chin, Andriana Kulchytska and Luisa OrizioZenzero Talent Agency has become the landmark in the food influencer market in just a year.

Zenzero has always worked with the best Italian food creators to enhance their distinctive positioning and create synergistic online and offline pathways. Thanks to its partners’ experience, the agency has attracted unique talents, investing in promising new faces in the food scene. The co-founders are joined by another 20 food-creators, allowing the Talent Agency to reach over 30 million followers, 50 million video views, and 40 million monthly interactions, involving all tastes and cooking styles.

New research entitled “Italiani & Influencers” — released yesterday and conducted by BVA Doxa in collaboration with Mondadori Media — found that Zenzero creators are among the most followed by Gen Z in the food segment, playing a decisive role in the purchasing process.

Over the past twelve months, more than 200 influencer marketing projects have been carried out, including branded social content, multi-platform projects involving radio, TV, and participation in Italian and international events, such as the Giffoni Food Festival, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, and the Speciality Fine Food Fair in London.

Through its synergistic collaboration with Giallozafferano, Zenzero Talent Agency has managed to develop valuable experiences in its first year, with effective language and innovative communication capable of capturing the public’s attention with a focus on younger generations. The next goal is to promote the spread of Italian cuisine and products in the United States by offering integrated media output in collaboration with Giallozafferano.

Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of Zenzero, says, “Celebrating the first 12 months of Zenzero Talent Agency is a source of pride. It has been a successful year, thanks to our extraordinary hub of creators and a passionate team that strives to follow, support, and enhance the talent of each creator every day. As we look towards the future, we will continue to support our creators by developing unique and engaging projects and content with them, designing formats that meet the public’s changing needs”.

Among the upcoming news there is the publication of cookbooks by some of Zenzero’s most beloved food creators, planned for this fall.
There will surely be innovative projects and increasingly distinctive communication products created in collaboration with Mediamond, which will not only rely on social networks but also involve TV platforms and podcasts.