McDonald’s and Giallozafferano celebrate the fifth edition of Chicken Creation and 33 million sandwiches sold

The two new recipes, the McChicken Pesto Rosso and the McChicken Mediterraneo, are inspired by the original McChicken and are prepared using 100% Italian chicken breasts and refined Made in Italy ingredients, such as the Grana Padano DOP: 20th partnership signed between McDonald’s and the Protection Consortia

This truly special social networks project reaches all McDonald’s restaurants through the involvement of both brands and Giallozafferano’s food creators

The partnership between McDonald’s and Giallozafferano, Italians’ preferred food media brand, is increasingly strengthened with 33 million sandwiches sold and is renewed with the 5th edition of Chicken Creations to present two tasty novelties inspired by the original McChicken, which will be available in all 670 restaurants from June 14 to August 29.

The two new recipes are based on quality Italian ingredients that are harmoniously added to the fully Italian chicken breast supplied by Amadori and Bimbo’s Italian-made bread. The McChicken Mediterraneo combines mozzarella and tomatoes with the strong taste of an olive and Italian caper sauce. The McChicken Pesto Rosso, available both in the sandwhich and wrap version, instead associates the delicate flavour of chicken with crispy bacon and a dried cherry tomatoes sauce made with Grana Padana DOP.

The Chicken Creations further strengthen the commitment of McDonald’s towards the Italian agri-food chain, from which the company purchases over 140 thousand tons of raw materials each year, for an investment of 370 million euros. Such data confirms the strong bond with this sector and further emphasises the continuous development of Made in Italy products. In fact, today, 85% of McDonald’s suppliers are Italian companies and, thanks to the partnership with the Qualivita Foundation, 20 partnerships have been signed with the Protection Consortia.

The Chicken Creations were jointly achieved by the chefs of McDonald’s and Giallozafferano, who once again worked on two recipes in the name of Italian excellence to bring a new tasting experience to customers’ trays.

“We are happy to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this partnership with Giallozafferano today. Such partnership allows to continue on offering new and original recipes to our customers and to demonstrate our strong bond with the Italian territory and its delicacies. For some time now, we decided to pursue a Made in Italy path and thus invested in the country’s agri-food sector to ensure that top Italian products can reach an ever greater public. Thanks to the precious 15-year partnership with the Qualivita Foundation, we signed numerous partnerships with the Protection Consortia. Among these, the one achieved with the Grana Padano DOP Consortium is the 20th, to which, according to the recent announcement of the agreement stipulated, the Pomodoro di Pachino IGP Consortium will be added,” stated Dario Baroni, CEO of McDonald’s Italia. “We are certain these new recipes will be very successful among our customers, who have always recognised chicken as one of their favourite ingredients.”

“In the fifth anniversary of partnership between Giallozafferano and McDonald’s, we can confirm that our project yielded excellent results,” stated Andrea Santagata, CEO of Mondadori Media. “Innovation, which has always been part of our brand’s DNA and of that of McDonald’s, the Made in Italy concept and this complementary target were at the basis of the partnership’s success. But the ability to create new languages and use the creators, or new media, were also an essential part of the conversion process: a high-value engagement which resulted in over 33 million sandwiches sold,” concluded Santagata.

The new Chicken Creations project involved some of Giallozafferano’s most popular top creators, from Daniele Rossi to Andriana Kulchytska, from Rafael Nistor to Foodqood, from Luisa Orizio to Sebastian Itarau and Eva’s Food Addiction. Each of them, through their own style and communicative tone, will create a series of exclusive contents on the social profiles of the most popular Italian food brand to entice its 60 million followers and 18 million unique monthly users.

The new recipes were presented today at a special event, organised at the McDonald’s restaurant of Milan, in Passaggio Duomo, and hosted by Willwoosh and the youtuber Guglielmo Scilla, together with the exclusive participation of the songwriter and record producer, Mr Rain.

The 2023 Chicken Creations campaign and visibility plans were developed together with Brand On Solutions, Mediamond’s project department, coordinated by OMD and in partnership with Leo Burnett, and promoted on all Giallozafferano’s digital channels, from their website to all their social profiles – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube – and up to the App consisting of specific push notifications for McDonald’s drive-to-store and drive Apps.


McDonald’s Italia
Active in Italy for 37 years, today McDonald’s has more than 670 restaurants nationwide and a total of 32,000 employees who serve 1.2 million customers each day. Ninety percent of McDonald’s Italian restaurants are managed on a franchising basis by 150 local entrepreneurs, reflecting the brand’s strong local roots. McDonald’s confirms its intention of being a “local” brand also through its choice of suppliers, 85% of whom are Italian companies or companies that have production plants in Italy. Worldwide, McDonald’s operates in more than 100 countries with over 38,000 restaurants.

Giallozafferano is the most popular top food media brand among 1 Italian out of 4 (Source: MLab in partnership with Doxa, November 2022). It is a web leader: 1 Italian out of 2, or a total of over 18 million people, cooks with Giallozafferano each month (source: Audiweb, January – March 2023 average). It is the fourth food media brand worldwide, with social channels consisting of a fanbase of 60 million followers (source: internal processing based on Comscore and Pinterest data, March 2023). Thanks to recipes within everyone’s grasp, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the web to social media, from the App to smart devices, including magazines, books and local events nationwide.