Mondadori Bookstore I MA doubles stores in Piedmont: in Gravellona Toce the opening of a new contemporary and environmentally-friendly bookstore

Friday 16 June at 5pm the official opening at the Le Isole shopping centre

MONDADORI BOOKSTORE IMA, the new format of contemporary bookstores that favours the Japanese-inspired atmosphere, doubles stores in Piedmont: after the opening in January 2022 of the brand’s flagship store in Turin, inside the Officine S shopping centre, on 16 June a new store will officially open in Gravellona Toce, at the Le Isole shopping centre.

Built on an area of about 200 square metres on a single level, the bookstore aims to be a space where culture and respect for nature blend harmoniously to offer visitors a totally new cultural and shopping experience that is at the same time food and rest for the mind. The Japanese philosophy of Ma, where the brand takes its name, is a space where the soul finds nourishment and shelter from the frenzy of everyday life.

The lights and furnishings, which are used for the proposed relaxation exercises, are made of environmentally-friendly materials: marine poplar, recycled iron and of course wood in the form of curved furniture like tree trunks, bonsai and sansevieria throughout the store. There’s also a corner for reading and relaxation, multimedia terminals and other interactive tools to enhance the possibilities of enjoying the space and choosing products from more than 33 thousand volumes on the shelf from fiction to non-fiction, from classics to a range of genres, comics, CDs, DVDs, games, stationery, and gadgets offered, as well as the support and advice of the staff of young and experienced booksellers.

The space will also host literary and musical events, debates, conferences, book signings and workshops for young and old and a gallery of art exhibitions and photography by local and national artists.

“We’re proud of this second opening in Piedmont, the seventh in Italy in just over a year”, said Nello Nunziata, CEO for Retail Development. “This wonderful location amidst lakes and mountains”, adds Nunziata, “fully embodies the spirit of harmony, relaxation and contact with nature that we bring with our innovative project in partnership with Mondadori Retail”. “In addition”, he concludes, “the proximity to the Swiss border will be a source of enrichment and cultural exchange to make the editorial offer and events that we will propose even more varied and able to respond to the different needs of the readers who will visit us”.

Le Isole shopping centre, Corso Marconi 42-44, Gravellona Toce (VB)
Opening hours: 9 – 20.30 every day, from Monday to Sunday
Phone: +39 0323 287647

MONDADORI BOOKSTORE I MA is a young and environmentally-friendly bookstore. Concepts such as comfort, multimedia experiences and sustainability are reflected in both its architectural features and the materials used to achieve them, as well as in its editorial proposals and initiatives. This cultural environmentally-friendly concept is the result of the creativity and innovative ideas of a team of southern entrepreneurs: Paolantonio Serpe, CEO of MOOKS, Nello and Biagio Nunziata, owners of the popular clothing brand ZUIKI and Giuseppe Messina, an entrepreneur from Catania, in partnership with Mondadori Retail, the company at the head of the largest network of bookstores in Italy: Mondadori Store. MONDADORI BOOKSTORE I MA has been located in Turin’s Officine S shopping centre since 6 January 2022, in Sestu, in the province of Cagliari, since 17 March, in the La corte del Sole shopping centre in Catania, in via Etnea, since 11 November, in Martignacco, in the province of Udine since last February, at the Città Fiera shopping centre and in Salerno since 10 March, at the Le Cotoniere shopping centre and at the Aurelia Antica Shopping Centre of Grossetto as of 6 June. Other openings are planned for 2024 across important Italian cities.