Mondadori Media: amazing results with over 83 million followers

Giallozafferano is the leading Italian media for its video views

Excellent website traffic results too: Mondadori Media on the podium of the Audiweb ranking, thanks to Giallozafferano, Mypersonaltrainer and The Wom, leaders of their segment

Mondadori Media distinguishes itself once more among the leading Italian publishers for its digital audience, with excellent website and social media results.

Social media results

Mondadori Media’s 100 profiles reached over 83 million followers in March and exceeded half a billion monthly video views (sources Comscore + Instagram video insights).

In Prima Comunicazione’s Top most social Italian media ranking, processed by Sensemakers, Giallozafferano conquers the first place for its video views with 113 million views. Webboh is also in the Top ten with 14 million interactions.
Excellent results for The Wom, which concluded the month of March with a record of 6 million followers and 46 million video views (sources Comscore + Instagram video insights).

Outstanding performance also for the branded contents developed in partnership with Mediamond. In the paid partnership ranking of Prima Comunicazione and Comscore, Giallozafferano is first on Instagram with 45 thousand actions taken on a series of reels implemented together with Cooking with Bello, Luisa Orizio and Evasfood Addiction, all top food creators of Giallozafferano and the Zenzero Talent Agency. Excellent performance also for the branded campaigns implemented in March by Mypersonaltrainer, Webboh, which reached 18 thousand actions at the Webboh Awards, and The Wom with nearly 16 thousand actions.

“We’re very satisfied of the great numbers achieved in terms of audience and interactions, further confirming the strength of the strategic decisions taken,” stated Andrea Santagata, General Manager of Mondadori Media. “Our recipe is based on the quality of the brands and contents, but also on a focus towards the new generations, by increasingly focussing on new talents and creators through both the foundation of new companies, such as The Wom and Zenzero, and acquisitions, such as Webboh and the Power Talent Agency,” concluded Santagata.

Web ranking

Mondadori Media on the podium of Audiweb’s ranking of Italian publishers with 27 million unique users, an 8% increase compared to the previous year, and a reach equal to 61% of the market (Total digital audience, February 2023).

Giallozafferano is once again Italians’ first choice in the Kitchen with 18 million unique users and a 57% reach in the Food & Cooking segment. Mypersonaltrainer and The Wom, leaders in their categories, also stand out with respectively 13 million and 8,6 million unique viewers.
Historical results for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, which reaches 5,5 million unique users and an amazing growth of +43% compared to the same month last year, also thanks to the success of the special initiatives implemented at the Sanremo Festival of 2023. Excellent performance also for Webboh, the first community entirely devoted to GenZ and which reached 3 million unique viewers in its first Audioweb ranking, thus confirming the brand’s ability to reach its elective target even beyond the social media channels.