Mondadori Retail promotes a collection of school-related initiatives for the 2023/2024 academic year

Among the proposals there is the return of Alumni in bookstores, the fun and educational project for young students, and the school book booking service

Coming soon: a new exclusive Tote Bag with the Promessi Sposi theme, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Alessandro Manzoni's death

Mondadori Retail, the company that manages the largest network of bookstores in Italy, presents exclusive initiatives aimed at the school world for the 2023/24 school year. These projects stem from the desire to strengthen the relationship between schools and bookstores, to promote socio-cultural growth and to raise awareness among young people on issues such as sustainability and multiculturalism.

Alunni in libreria (Pupils in bookstores)

Mondadori Retail ‘s exclusive initiatives include Alunni in libreria which, for more than twenty years, has put preschool, primary and secondary school teachers in contact with local Mondadori Bookstores, consolidating the social role of bookstores as points of reference and promoters of cultural habits for local communities. Bookstores can become familiar places of discovery and sharing, bringing younger people closer to the world of culture and reading.

Through the platform, teachers will be able to get in touch with booksellers – choosing from more than 300 registered Mondadori Store bookstores – and organise visits and interactive workshops, meetings with children’s fiction authors, as well as many other fun-educational activities from the catalogue available on the site. In addition, membership allows all participating classes to receive books as gifts to enrich the school library.

From this year Alunni in libreria also presents a new initiative: Idee in circolo (Ideas in circulation), a cycle of events entirely dedicated to sustainability and green issues, designed precisely to put new ideas into circulation and create new perspectives for the future. Among the planned initiatives, for a circle of selected bookstores, there is a special new workshop format in cooperation with the cultural association Leo Scienza. An interactive experience that involves imagination with animated readings, science workshops and theatrical experiences, during which the young participants, accompanied by a couple of animators, head off to discover the main environmental and planet protection issues. An adventure in which books are brought to the stage, becoming not only a tool for learning about the wonders and difficulties of the world we live in, but also a source of solutions to the challenges of the present, incentives for action, true values and good practices.

Mondadori bookstores are also taking part in the “Scrittori in classe (Writers in classroom)”,a Mondadori Group project thanks to which bookstores are in communication with local schools offering them meetings with various authors, both online and in person. The project is aimed at primary and secondary schools with the objective of emphasising the importance of reading, the critical analysis of the text and deepening the subject matter of the book. “Scrittori in classe” represents an educational pathway that offers girls and boys the opportunity, through meetings with authors, to participate in an important moment of confrontation and cultural enrichment.

Collectors’ Tote Bag

The new edition of the iconic fabric shopper – free exclusively to Mondadori Store customers – is back! This year honours the 150th anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni, one of the fathers of Italian literature and still central to the school curriculum.
The new Tote Bag, now in its eighth edition, depicts the well-known landscape scenery of a branch of Lake Como where the literary masterpiece I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) is set.

The elegant illustration, signed by Carlotta Gasparini, makes it an unmissable accessory for all history lovers and characters of one of literature’s greatest classics.

Following the success of the previous collectors’ Tote Bags, Mondadori Store confirms its collaboration with MiMaster – Italy’s leading training school forillustration andpublishing – which draws on the creativity of young student illustrators for the graphic customisation of the bags.

The bag – collectible and made of 100% recyclable cotton – is completely in line with Mondadori Retail’s sustainable goals.

It is free to all those who buy, from 1 to 23 September 2023, from participating Mondadori Stores or from at least 2 books from the catalogue of Mondadori Group publishing houses:  Einaudi, Fabbri Editore, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Mondadori Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling&Kupfer, De Agostini and Star Comics.

School books

The school book reservation service that Mondadori Retail offers to families of students also continues. The service is available at and in participating local bookstores.

Through the pre-loaded lists of the various educational institutions, you can select the relevant class and texts and have your order sent directly to your home. In addition to school textbooks, the service is completed by a wide assortment of stationery products for children who need materials required by teachers.

Bookstores also offer teachers a wide selection of new publications on the world of children and young people to support school planning.


Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy: a cultural organisation active nationwide through more than 500 stores in large cities and small towns alike, and online through the e-commerce website and the bookclub formula. In addition to books, its core offer, it organises entertainment experiences, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.