Mondadori Studios is born: Mondadori Group’s new initiative in the world of podcasts

Original productions featuring voices of the Italian cultural and popular panorama which enrich the proposal of digital contents of the publishing houses

The Original projects by  Mondadori Studios

are created, strengthening Mondadori Group’s presence in the podcast market. A format that is making a name for itself in the consumption habits of an ever wider public – which also embraces younger generations – to which the Mondadori Group will be able to offer high quality audio content, written, developed and created by a dedicated team.

The Mondadori Studios project
Mondadori Studios is a new space for the creation and production of original audio content: from spin-offs and discussion of what goes on behind the scenes in the creation of successful books to great works of historic and scientific education, from narrative invention to political analysis.

Includes original podcasts created in collaboration with important authors and characters with a strong experience in the world of audio broadcasting. A portfolio of stories and insights that enrich the wide digital offer of the Group’s publishing houses, with a catalogue of over 20,000 e-books and about 1,700 audiobooks.

The transversal nature and wealth of content and authors of Mondadori Studios is accompanied by the very high level of the production phase, thanks to an excellent sound design capable of enhancing the big names who collaborate on the initiative, and a graphic project with a strong visual impact by Francesco Poroli, internationally appreciated graphic illustrator.

The Original podcasts


Nasce Mondadori Studios: la nuova iniziativa del Gruppo Mondadori nel mondo dei podcast

There are three podcasts that will open the Originals by Mondadori Studios, featuring a total of 15 episodes, dedicated to highly topical issues, such as the protection of the planet, digital security and domestic violence: they include Elements, Digital Wars and Under the nails, available free on all major audio streaming platforms and usable from any device.

Elements was based on an idea by Mariasole Bianco, scientist, naturalistic populariser and President of Worldrise Onlus, to celebrate nature through the work of women who embody its essence. Four elements for four episodes – Water, Earth, Air and Fire – plus a fifth episode that exalts the human being par excellence: The culture.
Voices of Elements are Mariasole Bianco herself together with zoologist Mia Canestrini, the meteorological physicist Serena Giacomin, the environmentalist and forager Valeria Margherita Mosca and the communication expert Chiara Sgarbi, creator of the social profile @chiara_sui_libri.
A podcast to feed sparks of hope and give the right boost to change to safeguard our planet.

Digital Wars. What it is and why we talk about it (Guerre digitali. Cosa sono e perché ne parliamo),conceived by Mariarosaria Taddeo, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, over six episodes deals with the themes of IT security,cybernetic intelligence, and the use of artificial intelligence as a military advantage up to its moral implications.

Under the nails (Sotto le unghie) is a true story of Patience Manzumba Nyapasa, a drama of ordinary domestic violence. A simple adjective to describe the too many tragedies that are still present in the chronicle of modern society.
There are four episodes written and narrated by Giulia Muscatelli, an author linked to women’s issues, regarding gender and social inclusion. Under the nails is a story of pain, beauty and courage, a story like many others, but it’s precisely for this reason that it’s important to be told.

From books to podcasts

Four podcasts dedicated to successful books and narrated by as many famous authors of the Group’s publishing houses are already available on all digital platforms: Bruno Vespa, Sveva Casati Modignani, Giuliano Da Empoli and Federico Varese.

The Wizard of the Kremlin. Instructions for Use Giuliano Da Empoli takes the reader backstage at The Wizard of the Kremlin (Mondadori, 2022), returning a real “instruction manual” to understand the story of Vadim Baranov, Vladimir Putin’s spin doctor.
The great storm by Bruno Vespa recounts a century of Italian history, from the end of fascism to the birth of the Meloni government, retracing the pages of his homonymous book published for Mondadori (2022) in collaboration with Rai Libri.
Protagonist of the podcast Crime and Punishments in the age of Putin. Russia seen through four criminals the voice of Federico Varese. Taken from his book Russia seen through four criminals (Einaudi, 2022), talks about contemporary Russia through the lives of four criminals representing different eras and social groups.
Lastly, in Dear Sveva. Time and love – produced in collaboration with Sperling & Kupfer – the bestselling author Sveva Casati Modignani imagines writing four letters to the female protagonists of the history of literature to discuss immortal themes: time (of life, of relationships) and love.

Coming out in the next few weeks, linked to the publication of Enrico Camanni’s new book Se non dovessi tornare, edited by Mondadori, the podcast Gary Hemming. Story of an obsession. The story of the life of a truly unique character – a nonconformist and libertarian climber – becomes an opportunity to recall the birth of a new way of thinking about mountaineering and the mountains, against the backdrop of the wonderful utopia of the 60s.


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