Studenti passes the Italian graduate examination with flying colours: extraordinary results both online and on social media

For the 2023 Italian high school diploma, the brand has confirmed its position as the digital leader for Gen Z at school.

Boom in video views on TikTok, trebling the number, and a partnership with McDonald's.

Studenti, the Mondadori Group’s standard-setting community for Gen Z at school has recorded some extraordinary numbers on the website, for the 2023 Italian high school diploma exams, with a total of 5 million sessions (source: Google Analytics), whilst on social media particularly on TikTok where the brand’s special videos for the exam recorded 13 million video views, up 300% compared to 2022 (source: Iconosquare).

This success has been achieved thanks to important new products: the website has been refreshed with a new logo and a new look  alongside a host of improvements to more efficiently use the huge amount of resources available online from social media and mobile devices. School leavers could access the thousands of resources available and more easily combine the content with searches for more detailed information, summaries, concept maps and even podcasts, available on all of the major audio platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker) and video lessons on the StudentiTV channel on YouTube.

In addition, according to tradition, news about the exam was covered in real time during the days on which the first two written tests were held (June 21-22) through a real live broadcast.


For the 2023 Italian high school diploma exams, Studenti played a key role on Gen Z’s favourite social networks: TikTok, for last-minute tips and revision, and Telegram, with a dedicated channel “Maturità 2023” (High school diploma exams 2023) designed to provide real-time support. Studenti has remained true to its purpose of providing support for study, focusing the TikTok channel videos on Edutainment, highlighting its leadership role with the hashtag #imparacontiktok and using fresh, easy-to-understand language.

Resources on TikTok focused on the most interesting topics for the school leavers’ exam and revision. A host of themed videos were produced in collaboration with edu-creators who are already linked to the brand, such as the communicator @scienzaedintorni, ambassador @emanuele_bosi, study coach @letismind, English teacher @antonioparlati and some new entries such as @scescience, the Physics student who engages girls in STEM subjects and @emmalaprofditaliano who shares rules and curiosities about Italian language. The young creators from Studenti want their videos and messages to be genuinely helpful and to be role models and reference points for teenagers too.


For the 2023 high school diploma exams, Studenti entered into a prestigious partnership with McDonald’s, which chose the special project “Road to the exams, good luck to all high school leavers” from the branded content solutions put forward. As the school exams coincided with the launch of #Summerdays from McDonald’s – from 5 to 30 June, with a special offer daily on the app – 5 creators from Studenti designed and produced TikTok videos with useful tips for the final days of exam preparation: “Three tips for the Italian exam”, “The importance of taking a break from studying”, “Avoid these mistakes when preparing for the high school diploma exams”, “The 3 most incredible mistakes in the history of the Italian high school final exam”, and “How to revise when time is tight”. At the end of each video, the creators provided followers with one more piece of advice: relax with a break at McDonald’s, enjoying the app offer of the day. The project was developed in cooperation with Fuse, the specialist branded entertainment unit of the OMG Group.


Studenti’s  commitment to supporting its young users and followers does not end with the Italian high school diploma exams but continues throughout the summer with news on the new procedures for the medicine test, post-diploma guidance, and content to help cope with holiday homework.

Branded Content proposals also continue: for  Back To School Studenti, in collaboration with Brand On, a project division of Mediamond, offers innovative and high-engagement partnership formats for the market, with a focus on good intentions for the return to school to engage students, families and professors with issues that also play an increasingly important role as school. These issues will be examined and explained by Studentithrough online surveys, articles, in-depth videos, and with the involvement of edu-creators on TikTok. They will target partners interested in aligning with values that are increasingly at the forefront of GenZ’s priorities such as inclusion, environmental sustainability, mental health, and rapid access to the world of work.

Studenti is the Mondadori Group’s brand leader in Italy for the digital market in the education category, with 4 million users on (source Audiweb). It is a leader for Gen-Z at school, thanks to a dynamic and constantly evolving editorial approach, characterised by innovative style and content and a team of young creators: a formula that has allowed Studenti to reach over 1.3 million followers on social media (Source Shareablee and social insights), on TikTok – where it is followed by 640,000 users – Facebook, Telegram and on YouTube (StudentiTV) where students can access guides and tutorials to prepare for exams.