TAAG!, Mondadori Media’s new talent management agency, is born!

An innovative reality aimed at promoting talents from all sectors of the entertainment industry

Mondadori Media expands its offer and strengthens its talent agency area with TAAG!, the new talent management agency operative in the entertainment world.

TAAG! was conceived to scout and manage transversal talents who best “reflect” the various segments of today’s and tomorrow’s entertainment world: TV and radio hosts, singers and musicians, influencers and content creators, authors, dance artists and TV personalities.

The mission consists in helping and promoting the professional growth of talents within a context strongly linked to the digital scene for the development of integrated communication projects.

“TAAG! is a novelty for the talent management agency setting, thanks to an innovative positioning of artists originating from various areas of the entertainment industry, from TV to social media, from radio to music. Mondadori can make the difference in this multimedia context thanks to its one-of-a-kind and distinctive known-how, especially in the entertainment sector,” stated Carlo Mandelli, Mondadori Media’s CEO of the magazine area

TAAG!’s roster will comprise both emerging talents and already known professionals: in either case, it will include figures characterised by strong potential and transversal skills. As far as music is concerned, TAAG! has made a partnership agreement with Warner Music, the leading international group of the music sector, with the aim of promoting the growth of singers, artists, DJs and producers and enhancing their potential in the world of entertainment.

Alfonso Signorini, Chi’s editorial chief, TV host, writer, author and director, will be among the agency’s most important personalities. Signorini, who has worked with Mondadori Media on the development of Taag! since its conception, will, to all effects, be one of the leading talents of this new reality.

Always with regard to its talents, TAAG! will work with the best digital PR agencies to ensure better commercial development opportunities, both in the digital world and beyond, by creating synergies to implement specific projects and formats for customers and businesses.For TAAG!’s management, Mondadori Media has appointed Ricky Palazzolo as Talent Director. As a highly experienced professional of the entertainment setting with transversal skills in music, TV and digital and media relations, Palazzolo will be in charge of hiring, managing and promoting talents, by connecting their interests to those of the brands and editors.