The Mondadori Group gathers in silence around chairman Marina Berlusconi

Several initiatives planned to reflect the deep void left by the death of Silvio Berlusconi

All the people of the Mondadori Group gather around their Chairman, Marina Berlusconi, for the state funeral of her father, Silvio, while several initiatives have been implemented by the Group to honour the memory of an unforgettable man, a courageous entrepreneur, an enlightened publisher and a far-sighted politician.

“In these difficult days we wish to express our compassion and sympathy for our Chairman, Marina Berlusconi, demonstrating both visibly and symbolically the deep void left by the death of her father, Silvio, a crucial figure in the history of our company and our country”, wrote the CEO of the Mondadori Group, Antonio Porro, in a statement to employees and collaborators.

That’s why the Mondadori Group has decided to leave Palazzo Niemeyer at “half-light” for the first time, leaving an entire part of the building entirely dark every evening this week.

A void, a lack of light that will also be accompanied by a minute of silence that will be observed this afternoon at 3 p.m. in all the Group’s offices, coinciding with the beginning of the State funeral, to symbolically embrace Chairman Marina Berlusconi and all the family members who mourn the death of their beloved father.

Furthermore, today the Mondadori Duomo and Rizzoli Galleria bookshops in Milan will remain closed for the entire day. The main events in stores throughout the country will be suspended and a commemorative image of Silvio Berlusconi will be displayed.