GialloZafferano grows under the banner of innovation: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau named Resident Chef Creator

GialloZafferano invests in skill and talent to meet the interests of its audience more and more: 20 million people in Italy and almost 70 million followers worldwide.

GialloZafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, announces the addition of two new resident chef creators to its team: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau, true culinary talents who, with their appetite for innovation and creativity in recipes – together with their solid knowledge of culinary techniques, ingredients and raw materials – will enrich the experience of all food lovers.

Empowered by their new roles, the two chefs will have the opportunity to further develop their expertise and put it at the service of the GialloZafferano community. Their creations will be inspired by the most successful content, offering new recipes and menus to spark the imagination of the many cooking enthusiasts and stimulate their creativity.

Lulù and Sebastian, young chefs who graduated from Alma – the prestigious School of International Cuisine based in Colorno (PR) and founded by Gualtiero Marchesi – reflect the values of Italian cuisine, like the love for quality raw materials and respect for traditions, which they are able to transmit effectively through content on social media.

Lulù Gargari offers her fanbase of 400,000 followers inclusive and healthy cooking: fit, tasty and affordable recipes. The young chef’s technique meets creativity, with the aim of instilling a love for food and the very act of cooking, without losing sight of the person’s health.

“Cooking is a universal language that speaks directly to people through flavours. I am thrilled to be collaborating with the GialloZafferanoteam, a true leader in the international culinary scene, and that I’ll be able to offer authentic recipes and get everyone cooking,’ says Lulu.

Sebastian Fitarau has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry and is followed by a community of more than 1.3 million followers. Sebastian offers genuine contemporary cooking that focuses on the details, even in the simplest recipes. Focusing on raw materials, accuracy and craftsmanship in the recipe give his dishes unique tastes and presentation, qualities that distinguish his video recipes.

“Cooking for me is a passion and an art form that finds expression in all my dishes in different ways. I am really grateful and very happy to be part of this project, and to be able to inspire food lovers through GialloZafferano,’ said Sebastian.

To celebrate the addition of Lulù and Sebastian, GialloZafferano will launch the ‘Resident Chef Creator Day’ on Friday, 19 April. This is a day entirely dedicated to the creativity and content of the two creators who will offer some new recipes on the brand’s social media profiles directly from the kitchens of GialloZafferano for the occasion. It will be a unique opportunity for followers to discover the processes, secrets and facts about their dishes.

The two new resident chef creators are part of the roster of Zenzero, Mondadori Media’s Talent Agency that exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene.

GialloZafferano supports and promotes new talents in the kitchen and, from today, also has the expertise and grace of Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau.

Zenzero exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene. Created at the end of 2022 from the collaboration between GialloZafferano, One Shot Agency and 6 of the top food creators on the Italian digital scene, it has over 43 million followers and over 50 million video views. Zenzero Talent Agency represents a new point of contact between an extraordinary hub of creators and brand partners with the aim of setting up effective communication pathways that respond to the increasingly strong need of brands to tap into the passions, values and new languages of Generation Z.

GialloZafferano is Italy’s leading food media brand on the Internet: every month 1 in 2 Italians cooks with GialloZafferano for a total of 20 million people (Audicom Dec 2023). It is the fourth largest food media brand in the world on social media, with a fanbase of 70 million followers (source: Internal Analyses and Shareableand Comscore Data 2024). Thanks to recipes within everyone’s grasp, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the Internet to social media, from apps to smart devices, as well as magazines, books and local area events nationwide.