Piemme and Mondadori Media present future publishing brand strategies

Mondadori Media's future brand strategies enhance their content, from magazines to digital platforms, from events to talent.

During the exclusive evening Live Vision – the Future of Brands, the media showcase organised at the Spazio Gessi in Via Manzoni in Milan by Mondadori Media Area Magazine and Piemme Media Platform, Mondadori Media’s exclusive retailer, the directors presented the values and future strategies of the publishing brands in an innovative way, answering questions posed by the talents of the TAAG! interacting with a special middleman: artificial intelligence.

Carlo Mandelli, Director of the Mondadori Media Area Magazine, said: “Piemme is the ideal partner for enhancing some of our brands, due to its important network of investors in strategic sectors. The collaboration, which started a year ago with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and Chi, and more recently with the Focus system, is generating excellent results. For the future, thanks also to this collaboration, we plan to continue pursuing a multimedia strategy, offering exclusive content on all platforms, from magazines to digital, from events to talent”.

Walter Bonanno, Director of Piemme S.p.A., stated: “Our corporate strategy is focused on the development of advertising and storytelling, and I would like to emphasise the strategic role of the partnership with Mondadori Media in enhancing the publishing brands. Looking to the future, we reaffirm our commitment to a multimedia strategy that integrates all available platforms in a comprehensive and effective way. We will continue to invest in creating exclusive, high-quality projects, while keeping a close eye on emerging trends and the needs of our audience. We also want these initiatives to not only inform and entertain, but to inspire and stimulate critical thinking among readers and users. So, we’re excited to continue our collaboration with Mondadori Media and to work together to build a successful future”.

Here is what we can expect in terms of future brand strategies.


Science populariser Marco Martinelli interviews Raffaele Leone, editor of Focus, Focus Storia and Focus Live.

The Focus brand, founded around the principle of spreading science so that it’s accessible to everyone, and not just enthusiasts, has always been committed to making science current and relevant in various areas of everyday life, reaching a generalist audience through its platform.
Focus will continue to focus on its multi-channel strategy, which includes a magazine, website, social media, videos, talks, podcasts, a TV channel, an academy for students interested in science journalism, and a science outreach festival. Emphasis will also be placed on training, especially for students and teachers, and in-depth study of areas such as sustainability, green energy, mobility, robotics, artificial intelligence, health, and many other topical issues.
Focus intends to maintain its position as a leader in science popularisation, increasing its reach and positively influencing the general public’s understanding of science, thanks to teamwork involving the entire editorial staff and talent involved.


Science populariser Marco Martinelli interviews Sarah Pozzoli, Director of Focus Junior, Focus Wild and Focus Pico.

The values of Focus Junior are centred on an educational approach that stimulates curiosity and critical thinking in children, with a strong focus on STEM subjects – environment, sustainability, art and history.
The goal for Focus Junior is to remain at the forefront of children’s education and information, adapting to the changing needs and interests of the new generation. Thus, the strategy envisages strengthened collaboration with schools and companies to promote innovative educational projects; expanded digital and interactive content to better engage children in the technological age; a focus on topics such as climate change, fake news and science journalism to educate children to become informed and aware citizens; and the development of new initiatives and workshops that encourage hands-on, experiential learning.


TV host and influencer Giulia Salemi interviews Aldo Vitali, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Director.

Thanks to its authority, recognisability, credibility and clarity, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni has been a leader in the world of entertainment, television and show business for over 70 years. The management of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni stands out for its ability to provide exclusive previews, in-depth interviews and a broad spectrum of content ranging from TV to music, from cinema to streaming, as well as integrating topics such as travel, food, mobility and current affairs.
For the future, the strategy will focus on innovation and adaptation to new trends in media and entertainment, including through collaboration with talent. There will be an increased focus on interactivity and personalisation, thus responding to the needs of an audience seeking tailor-made and technologically integrated entertainment experiences. However, TV Sorrisi e Canzoni will continue to direct the tastes and preferences of the Italian public, continuing to provide rich and varied content and remaining an authoritative standard in the sector.


Host and performer Pierpaolo Pretelli interview Massimo Borgnis, director of Chi.

Founded on values like engagement and interaction, with a strong commitment to social media and innovative formats such as ‘CASA CHI’, the Chi brand stands out for its credibility and authenticity, offering real stories and exclusive scoops. Chi also explains trends and lifestyles, influencing consumption and becoming not only a cultural standard, but an entertainment one, too. Chi differs from traditional gossip magazines in several respects, relying on a special, trusted relationship with celebrities and offering exclusive interviews and insights into their lives, projects and passions.
The brand will continue to go beyond just gossip, offering an in-depth and respectful account of public figures and offer a wider range of content, focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, cooking and wellness.

The evening closed with a DJ set by Federico Chimirri, DJ, chef and influencer.


Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading multimedia publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the publishing market. The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters to the passions of the Italian people through its brands – food, beauty, fashion, health and wellness , science and tech – and reaches more than 27.5 million unique users every month (source: Audicom November 2023) and more than 100 million fans (source: Comscore Shareablee + Pinterest Insight December 2023).

Piemme has six of the most important newspapers (Il Messaggero, Il Mattino, Il Gazzettino, Corriere Adriatico, Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia and Leggo), websites (online platforms for the respective newspapers and licensed third-party sites: Aranzulla.it, Centro Meteo Italiano, Funweek.it), magazines (Molto, Mondadori Media, Mondadori Scienza, Periodici San Paolo), TV (Telenova), Piemme designs projects tailored to customers’ settings, producing multimedia campaigns that synergistically integrate print and digital, radio and TV. Piemme also manages local advertising on Radio Subasio and RCS media in its reference areas.