Record edition for the Cross Vision interior exhibition event

CWith 548,000 visitors at the University of Milan, the Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden, the Audi House of Progress at the Portrait Milano, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, at De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol and at Eataly Milano Smeraldo, it was the most attended event of FuoriSalone 2024

With this event, INTERNI cements its outright leadership in the professional living sector and in design system communication

Expectations were exceeded for INTERNI CROSS VISION at FuoriSalone 2024, which gave the design crowd intersecting visions of different cultures, languages, knowledge and countries thanks to projects with strong implications about research, sustainability and the future.

From 15 to 28 April, the event created and coordinated by the Mondadori Group’s magazine edited by Gilda Bojardi was the most popular at Design Week, with record numbers of participants and visitors. In fact, 548,000 people visited the University of Milan, the Eni Space at the Brera Botanical Garden, the Audi House of Progress at Portrait Milano and, for the first time, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. For the second year running, there was also great success at the two satellite venues: Eataly Milano Smeraldo and De Castillia 23 by Urban Up | Unipol.

This edition of the exhibition, which also celebrated the magazine’s first 70 years, translated the concept of “Visioni Incrociate” (ICross Vision) into experimental installations, understood as lateral, multifaceted ideas that allows apparently opposing concepts to be combined: technology and crafts, art and industry, artifice and nature, materiality and digitalisation, which today are complementary and indispensable aspects of the contemporary innovation process. At the same time, it highlights the role that Italian design culture plays in this process. During the FuoriSalone, Milan becomes a design gym for architects, designers and creative people from around the world, who come for the opportunity to compare their visions and blend knowledge in a common effort to build a more beautiful and sustainable world.

With the contribution of the 3 co-producers (Audi, Eni and the General Administration for Italy at the 2025 Osaka Expo) and in collaboration with companies and institutions, INTERNI gathered more than 40 young, famous Italian and international designers and architects and different artists in a fusion of Architecture, Design and Art. For the exhibition, 40 installations, micro-architectures and macro-objects have been created, all site-specific, that – together with conferences, talks, live performances and showcases – created a varied mosaic of styles and visions, as well as time for discussion, attracting thousands of people. Visitors included large numbers of Italian and international journalists, who provided excellent coverage for INTERNI CROSS VISION in the daily papers, on radio and TV, in the trade press and in popular magazines, and ensured the exhibition was continually visible on the main social media channels and the Internet.

The INTERNI exhibition, which was created in 1990 on the initiative of Gilda Bojardi, the magazine’s editor, cemented itself as the central event of the FuoriSalone. The foundation of its success is the outstanding design and cultural content of the installations, the internationally famous brands involved, which are flanked by smaller operations who also offered very interesting exhibits. The exceptional response from both the public and the media reflects INTERNI’s outright leadership in the professional living sector and in design system communication.

We thank the co-producers Audi with BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group, Eni with Italo Rota and CRA Carlo Ratti Associati, the General Administration for Italy at the 2025 Osaka Expo, and all the companies, designers and architects who participated: Wu Bin with Yardcom, Architect Vivian Coser with Centrorochas, ApexBrasil, Mario Cucinella with Roca, Jacopo Foggini and Massimo Iosa Ghini with Kiko Milano, Architect Annabel Karim Kassar with Annaka, Designer Toshiyuki Kita with Bizen City and Odate City, Architect Kengo Kuma with Quarella, Artist Cyril Lancelin with Fidenza Village – The Bicester Collection, Designer Arik Levy with Sans Souci, Architect Piero Lissoni with Sanlorenzo, Architects MAD – Architects MA Yansong and Andrea D’Antrassi with Amazon, Architect Simone Micheli with Path, Veronica Pesenti Rossi with Rubner Haus, Marco Piva with Saint-Gobain, Topotek1 – Martin Rein-Cano with Mapei and MDT-Tex, Bruno Simões with ApexBrasil, Patricia Urquiola with Cimento, Michele De Lucchi – AMDL Circle and Guido Scarabottolo with INTERNI 70 Years, Architect Marco Acerbis with Santini Cycling, Artist Carlo Bach with illycaffè and Kartell, Alessandra Baldereschi with No.3 Gin, Emiliano Calderini with Zentiva Italia, Architect Giulio Cappellini with Comunità San Patrignano, Designer Ludovica Diligu and Artists Plastique Fantastique with Labo.Art, Architect Tom Dixon with VitrA, Artist Dario Ghibaudo with Galleria De Ambrogi, Kutnia Design Hub, La Errería * Architecture Office with Tile of Spain, Claudio Larcher and Italo Rota with NABA and AMSA, Federica Marangoni with Simone Cenedese, Lorenzo Palmeri with Stone Italiana, Catello Raffaele with IUAD, Marco Nereo Rotelli with Bertolotto, David Monacchi with Comune di Pesaro, Capitale della Cultura Italiana 2024, and Renco, CastagnaRavelli, Marcantonio with qeeboo, Giulio Cappellini with Eataly, Studio Azzurro with Urban Up | Unipol.