The Beauty Revolution! At the IAB Showcase 2024: Mypersonalbeauty for women over 35 is born, following the success of The Wom Beauty dedicated to the younger generation

Mondadori Media's offer is further strengthened after the success of The Wom Beauty with the launch of Mypersonalbeauty, the new brand extension dedicated to Mypersonaltrainer’s beauty wellness, which already has 1.3 million followers on social media, as announced today at the IAB Showcase 2024.

Mondadori Media, Italy’s leading social and digital publisher, presented The Beauty Revolution! at the IAB Showcaseevent, the IAB Italia marketplace dedicated to digital content.

During the panel dedicated to the world of beauty, the latest Mondadori Media development was presented: from Mypersonaltrainer, a brand leader in the fitness and wellness sector, comes Mypersonalbeauty, designed for women over 35.

It’s a publishing offer that aims to speak to all generations. Mypersonalbeauty, which is more focused on beauty wellness and involves experts, is aimed at a target group of successful and well-informed women, complementing The Wom Beauty, dedicated to beauty lovers under 35, focusing on beauty and style inspiration and the hottest trends, narrated by creators who are part of the Power Talent agency roster with the recent addition of top beauty TikToker, Arienne Makeup.

Both brands are present on the Internet and on social media, and with The Wom Beauty’s over 1 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, and Mypersonalbeauty’s 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the two are already affirming themselves as brand leaders in the beauty sector.

As mentioned above, Mypersonalbeauty can count on a team of professionals, including doctors, cosmetologists, researchers, wellness coaches and beauticians, who will address topics such as anti-ageing, skincare, hair and nail care, and body and facial treatments through a variety of formats. There will also be weekly columns, videos, articles, test&tell initiatives, analysed and customised content, as well as the new themed hubs to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Through its publishing brands, The Wom Beauty and Mypersonalbeauty, and with the participation of Power Talent Agency talents, Mondadori Media highlighted the new trends in the beauty world during the IAB Showcase 2024, with a particular focus on target diversification and the values that have always made the three brands stand out: authenticity, authoritativeness, wellness inspiration, harmony, balance and freedom of expression, vision and talent.

Introduced by Daniela CerratoDigital Marketing Director of Mondadori Media -, Emanuela Frascà, Marketing Manager of The Wom, and Paola Pravadelli, Marketing Manager of Mypersonaltrainer/Mypersonalbeauty, took turns talking about the two publishing brands on the The Beauty Revolution! stage, and were joined by Arienne Make Up and Camilla Mangiapelo, Power Talent Agency talent, fitness and beauty coach, Federica Constantini, and Mypersonalbeauty beauty trainer, Angelica Amodei, who was enthusiastic in talking about the new beauty trends, the ability to involve communities on social networks, the opportunities to win over all generations, new formats and the possibilities for brands that want to talk to beauty lovers.

Lastly, Mondadori Media offered participants in the IAB Showcase a spectacular cooking show powered by GialloZafferano and Zenzero Talent Agency, with food creators Dany Resconi and Azzuchef (Azzurra Gasperini): special dishes designed to bring the world of beauty-wellness into the world of food.

Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading social and digital publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the publishing market. The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters to the passions of the Italian people through its brands – food, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, science and tech – and reaches more than 27.8 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 104 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee + Pinterest and Social Insight February 2024).

The Wom is the all-digital, social first media brand dedicated to MillennialZ, a generation who sees uniqueness as a strength and an enriching value for themselves and others. The Wom is the benchmark for the younger generation on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 9 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024) and 10 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb Total Digital Audience February 2024).

Mypersonaltrainer is Mondadori Media’s leading brand in the world of health, wellness, healthy and functional sports nutrition, with 14 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 4.2 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024). Mypersonalbeauty was created as a brand extension of Mypersonaltrainer and, with the experience and authority of the brand and the potential guaranteed by this synergistic combination, it completes its offer in the personal care and beauty sector, which is understood not only as an external objective to be achieved, but as an integral part of physical and mental wellness. Thanks to Mypersonalbeauty, which already boasts over 1.3 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024), the Mypersonaltrainer world fanbase extends to almost 6 million followers