The first Mondadori Bookstore | MA arrives in Liguria: opens today at La Riviera Shopville in Arma di Taggia

The bookstore – with its green, young and smart concept – is open to the public from 10.00 am.

Arma di Taggia (IM) is where Mondadori Bookstore | MA will plant its eleventh Italian flag, creating a new cultural centre with respect for eco-sustainability. The format is inspired by the Japanese philosophical concept of MA (): “an undefined space between heaven and earth where man can empty his mind and nourish his soul“, where he can, therefore, free himself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and rest his mind. A whole new way of creating, disseminating and promoting culture. The bookstore has a green, eco-friendly impact, from the materials used for its construction — marine poplar, recycled iron and sustainable water-based paints — to the design itself — tall, curved furniture reminiscent of tree trunks, bonsai trees and sansevieria and that will make its mark on the 170 m² surface area.

The new Mondadori Bookstore | MA offers future readers a choice of more than 14,000 titles, from the great classics to best sellers – including fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous – with areas reserved for the youngest readers – We are Junior – featuring interactive books, educational games and illustrated fairy tales to stimulate their imagination and curiosity. The department dedicated to manga and comics – Just Comics – which gives a nod to Generation Z, is not to be missed. There is a space dedicated to photography for exhibitions, and at the opening, artist Silvia Nonnis will host an exhibition entitled ‘Explosion of Colours’. There is also a free co-working hub, guaranteeing comfort thanks to a special book buvette, a dedicated events forum ready to host talks and signings and a free reading zone.

MONDADORI | MA expresses an innovative, eco-friendly, young and smart bookstore concept with a nod to Generation Z and beyond. The philosophy is expressed through architectural choices and the materials used to create them, publishing ideas and initiatives. The eco-sustainable cultural concept grew out of the entrepreneurial background of the Neapolitan-minded creators and Mondadori Retail, the managing company of the largest network of bookstores in Italy, Mondadori Store. Present throughout Italy with 11 stores in Udine, Gravellona, Milan, Turin, Reggio Emilia, Grosseto, Rome, Salerno, Sestu, Catania and Arma di Taggia.