The first international edition of Flair: the Mondadori monthly launches tomorrow in Austria

The Mondadori Group enters the German-language market

The first international edition of the up-market Mondadori women’s monthly Flair will be launched tomorrow under a licensing agreement in Austria. The country’s first international fashion magazine, Flair Austria is the result of the cooperation between Mondadori and Ahead Media, one of the leading operators in the up-market magazine sector. Other titles published by the company include, IQ style, H.O.M.E. and anyway.

In addition to Austria, Ahead Media also has a relevant presence in a number of Eastern European markets, including Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Slovakia.

The first international edition of Flair is part of the now consolidated foreign expansion strategy of Mondadori, which in recent years has seen the Italian group make a decisive entry into the world of international publishing.
“With Flair Austria Mondadori takes its first step into the German-language market,” said Fabrizio D’Angelo, Mondadori’s Head of international activities, “with a magazine that has the capacity to compete at the highest international level in terms of editorial quality and the uniqueness of the product.”

“In particular,” he continued, “on the advertising front, Austria is a market of potential growth for up-scale Italian style. This is why Mondadori and Ahead Media have decided to proceed – allocating the investment of significant resources – with the launch of the first international fashion magazine aimed specifically at the Austrian market.”