Grazia: in China from Wednesday 11 February

From tomorrow Grazia will be available in China, thanks to cooperation, also on the advertising side, between Mondadori and SEEC Media Group Limited, the group listed on the Hong Kong stock market with which Mondadori had reached an agreement in 2007 for the creation of a 50-50 joint-venture for advertising sales in the magazine sector.

The new magazine, which will be the country’s first glossy fortnightly, will feature original material in Chinese and have a dedicated editorial staff. “We are living in fast times”, underlined the magazine’s editor, Sun Zhe. “Life-changing news stories can gallop past us, delicious gossip flutters and dies in an instant, even hemlines and heels can change overnight”.

The first issue of Grazia will have XX pages, of which XX are advertising: he advertisers featured in the first issue of Grazia magazine include some of the leading brands from the worlds of fashion and beauty, from Tod’s to Trussardi and Guerlain, and from Chanel to Louis Vuitton and Lancôme.

“For Mondadori, Grazia in China marks an important development of the company in the Chinese magazine advertising market,” claimed Roberto Briglia, the general manager of the Mondadori Group’s Magazine Division. “China is one of the most dynamic foreign markets in the world in which fashion, and Made in Italy brands in particular, continue to be widely appreciated,” Briglia continued.

“In this context, a highly innovative magazine with high quality editorial content such as Grazia provides a guarantee for advertisers who want, also in China, to reach a target that is particularly enthusiastic about the world of celebrity, of style, fashion, shopping and luxury, with a vehicle that has a strong appeal,” concluded Briglia.

“The launch of Grazia is a strategic move of SEEC Media, in terms of its continuing efforts on diversification of its own products portfolio”, claimed Mr. Wang Boming, chairman of SEEC Media Group. “We will keep on bringing our foreign partners’ experiences and industry knowledge into China’s emerging and promising market”, concluded Wang Boming.

“A new target is emerging in China”, continued said Sun Zhe magazine’s editor in chief. “She needs to know about the latest trends and news, also regarding celebrities, but she wants it easy, bite-sized pieces – and she doesn’t want to wait a whole month”.

“So here Grazia, China’s first fortnightly glossy news and style magazine that brings her the sophistication of a monthly and the speed of a weekly”, he concluded.

Grazia will be distributed mainly in China’s major cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong.

The launch of the first issue will be supported by an intense outdoor advertising campaign, at railway stations and at newsstands, with maxi-posters and a range of promotional events also planned.