Grazia: three new international editions by the end of 2009

Grazia France launch planned for september
New launches in Thailand and Indonesia
In Milan the first meeting of the Grazia International Network: 15 editors around the world

By the end of this year Mondadori will launch an edition of Grazia in Thailand and another in Indonesia, close on the heels of Grazia France which, as previously announced, will be launched in September.

This new launches will take to fifteen the countries of the Grazia Network that was created in 2005: a common thread of elegance that links the historic Italian title with all the versions of the magazine published around the world, from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Holland, India, Australia and, up to the most recent launch in February, China.

An international network that accounts for a total circulation of 4 million copies per month in the world.

“The creation in just four years of such a high number of international editions is certainly a unique case in the world of magazine publishing; both for the rapidity of the growth and the immediate appreciation of both readers and advertisers,” declared Maurizio Costa, deputy chairman and chief executive of the Mondadori Group.

“Despite a very difficult year for publishers everywhere, these new launches are a clear demonstration of our confidence in the future of the magazine market and, above all, in the development potential, also on an international scale, of the most authoritative brands, as in the case of Grazia,” continued Maurizio Costa.

“In foreign markets Grazia is increasingly recognised by readers and both Italian and international advertisers, as a reference point for style and journalistic quality in the area of news and celebrities, as well as providing a guarantee for the valorisation of the most prestigious examples of “Made in Italy” in fashion and luxury,” Costa concluded.

For the first time the editors, publishers, marketing and advertising managers of all of the editions of Grazia have gathered in Milan for the “Grazia Global Conference”, to discuss the points of strength, targets and the specific language of the various interpretations of the magazine around the world.

The partners include important international media groups of the calibre of Hearst (for Grazia Australia), Bauer (for Grazia UK) and Sanoma (for Grazia Russia).

During the working sessions contributions were also made by a number of representatives of some of the leading luxury brands, such as Diego Della Valle (chairman and chief executive of Tod’s Group), Dominic De Vetta (chief executive of Jo Malone), Francesca Di Carrobbio (chief executive of Hermès Italia) and Matteo di Montezemolo (chief executive of Poltrona Frau).

The “Grazia Global Conference” is consequently for the Mondadori network an occasion to formalise and take advantage of the exchange of experience that for years have driven the various editions of Grazia, providing continuous vigour and strength also to the identity of the Italian “mother” title.

An important opportunity to reflect and discuss ideas and suggestions concerning the guidelines for the “Grazia style”, a unique formula in the magazine sector, able to respond to the different needs of readers and advertisers around the world, and to offer communication opportunities to fashion and luxury brands who choose the Mondadori magazine to reach the most important international markets.