Casaviva: partnership agreement in China with Rayli Home

Mondadori has signed an agreement with the publisher Rayli Magazine House Beijing concerning cooperation between the interior design monthly Casaviva and the Chinese magazine Rayli Home which, starting with the July issue, will also carry the logo of the Italian title on the cover.

This initiative expands and consolidates the partnership between Casaviva and Rayli Home that began five years ago when content from the Mondadori title began to successfully appear in the Chinese magazine. “The Casaviva brand and logo will now make a direct appearance in the country, the first step towards the title’s penetration of the market with the world’s highest growth rate,” affirmed Zeno Pellizzari, the Mondadori Magazine Division’s head of International Activities and Syndication.

“This is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with Mondadori and we hope to be able to continue consolidating this partnership, also by expanding into new areas,” declared An Na, vice president of Rayli Magazine House Beijing.

Rayli Home, which was launched in China in 1998, is the most acclaimed and widely circulated interior design magazine in the country. The title has already won two important awards; in 2009 it was included among the “Top 30 valuable magazines for Ad Placement in China” and, for two years running, it was awarded the “Home Magazine Benchmark Brand” prize of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Casaviva, the Mondadori interior design monthly, leader in the sector in Italy, has also been published abroad since 2006, with editions in Thailand, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and India.