Focus Brain Trainer changes look, but the fun remains the same

New look for the Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori monthly dedicated to “gymnastics for the brain”
The games are ever more engaging and are now available online

Focus Brain Trainer is rolled out with a new look and important new offerings inside.
The Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori monthly dedicated to “gymnastics for the brain” lands on the newsstands with a completely new layout and updated and engaging games (cover price 2.90 euros). The makeover is immediately visible on the cover, which is itself a logic game that puts readers immediately to the test.

“We are proud of the results obtained by the new Focus Brain Trainer”, said deputy editor Mauro Gaffo. “It is the fruit of reflections, experiments and a regular exchange of ideas over the last six months with our readers. The new release has above all more space for images and various news items and curiosities from the world of logic games.”

With the objective of being ever more stimulating for its readers, the new Focus Brain Trainer is divided into four sections that vary continually. There are logic and number-based games as well as those based on words and intuition. The true novelty is the introduction of image-based exercises (sketches, photos, comic strips) that have a strong visual impact. Almost every page of the monthly is accompanied by an aphorism from a famous author that refers to the theme of the game.

A true novelty of the restyling is a new section for online games that enriches the print copy of the magazine. Clicking on (in Brain Trainer) it is possible to have fun playing new games such as “circuito chiuso.”

The success of the new editorial formula of Focus Brain Trainer is consolidated with other editorial initiatives for the summer of 2010. For Sudoku fans, beginning on July 10 Scuola di Sudoku, a special dedicated to the celebrated Japanese game, will be available on newsstands (cover price 5.90 euros). It will have 12 complete lessons and 84 diagrams as part of a new course for all adults whether they be Sudoku neophytes or cunning experts. Together with the magazine, readers will also find the rerelease of n. 1 and n. 2 of Sudoku 10 e lode, the pamphlet with hundreds of diagrams of varying difficulty. To conclude the rich summer offering of Focus Brain Trainer, there will also be in August the release of Super Logik n. 4, the magazine-book dedicated to the best puzzles in the world.