Mondadori and Google announce a partnership

Mondadori Group’s titles will be availble through Google Books and Google eBooks

Mondadori and Google have signed a partnership that will make Mondadori Group’s wealth of Italian trade books available in electronic format around the world through Google Books and Google eBooks.

This partnership makes Mondadori, the biggest Italian publisher, to join Google Books and Google eBooks programme, and it means that a wealth of Italian literature and culture will be full text searchable and available for sale to readers around the world.

Google Books is already available in Italy and through Google Books readers around the world will be able to search for and find Mondadori Books through Google, to see an online preview of the books and to purchase physical copies of these books through online and physical retailers. Google eBooks–Google’s online bookstore–will launch in Europe in 2011. Through today’s announcement, Google will also sell Mondadori ebooks.

The trade catalogue of the Mondadori Group (Edizioni Mondadori, Einaudi, Sperling & Kupfer and Edizioni Piemme) includes over 10,000 titles, 1600 of which are already available as ebooks. All of the titles in the catalogue will gradually form part of the Google Books programme.

Mondadori is the leading company in the Italian book market with a share of 28.4% in 2009. The Group’s editorial production is mainly focused on fiction and essays, paperbacks and children’s books, with over 2000 new titles every year.

“The partnership with Google represents confirmation of Mondadori’s focus on growth and innovative solutions”, stated CEO of the Mondadori Group, Maurizio Costa. “Consistent with this vision we have decided to join forces with an authoritative platform such as the one belonging to Google both to offer a preview of our titles and to make the considerable range of titles produced by our publishing houses available for purchase”, he continued. “The agreement with Google without doubt represents a significant opportunity to promote the quality of our content and our editorial production on a large scale”, concluded Costa.

“This is a fantastic step for the promotion of Italian culture, and it will mean more opportunity for Italian writers, and readers around the globe,” said Santiago de la Mora, Director of Google Books for EMEA. “We want Google eBooks to help stimulate the online books environment, and by working with important publishers like Mondadori we can achieve this goal.”

With Google eBooks, readers can discover and buy books from the Google eBookstore or independent online booksellers who have partnered with Google. This provides a myriad of ways for books to be discovered and purchased online. Whether a consumer buys a Google eBook from Google or from an online bookseller, they are all stored in a single online library. Readers can view their Google eBooks on devices from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smartphones to e-readers.