Mondadori expands its cookery titles with the monthly Guida Cucina: great new ideas for a different menu every day

On newsstands from 28 October at 70 cents in a small and manageable format

Guida Cucina, the new Mondadori monthly edited by Laura Maragliano, will hit the newsstands tomorrow, Thursday 28 October, with a host of new ideas for people who love to cook.

This new launch expands Mondadori’s already extensive range of titles in the cookery segment, adding a practical guide designed for readers looking for straightforward and traditional advice and recipes, for everyday lunches and dinners.

For every day of the month, Guida Cucina suggests two easy to prepare menus, with advice about combinations of dishes, accompanied by highly detailed recipes and instructions.

The different sections of the magazine are organised in an original way and published in a small and manageable format (13.9×18.5 cm), at 70 cents. Lunario: provides a mix of news to satisfy readers’ curiosity, such as the Saints days of the month, proverbs, grandmothers’ tips and indications about what to do in the garden and vegetable patch; È tempo di: suggestions based on seasonal produce and their preparation in the kitchen; I giorni: recipes, accompanied by photographs, for everyday lunches and dinners; Le filmate: step-by-step dishes explained with the help of images. And of course l’angolo dei dolci (the desserts corner) and cut-out-and-keep Schede (recipe cards).

The launch of the monthly will be supported by an advertising campaign that will run on the Mediaset TV channels, magazines of the Mondadori Group and with point-of-sale posters.