R101: Music First

The renewal of the radio station run by Guido Monti is underway: Music with a more emotional impact and soon new presenters

R101 is changing its skin and from today will focus even more on the concept of “Adult Contemporary Radio”, a radio station designed and produced for a target in the 25-54 year-old age range.

New positioning and stationality

The new positioning of R101, run since September by station manager Guido Monti, will initially involve the focusing and implementation of the playlist.

The aim of the new R101 is to create an elaborate and well-balanced mix tailored to this specific target, which came to adulthood with the best music ever and consequently will not settle for anything less, while also wanting to experience and enjoy to the full the life and music of today.

“I think that guaranteeing quality music that is able to deeply touch the emotions is just the first step of a long path in which we aim to involve the audience, by betting on less rationality and a bigger emotional impact,” declared Guido Monti.

“A relationship that encourages the listener’s engagement, leaving space for the imagination and the evocation of “personal worlds”, underlined Monti.

“In competitive context like we are in today,” he continued, “innovation – even if it may seem paradoxical – means returning to a concentration on the element that gave birth to commercial radio: music. Together with the efforts of the whole team, imagination and, above all, passion and enthusiasm, we are moving towards the objective of serving the audience, day by day.

Of course, this is just the first of a series of new things that, from January, will also involve the team of presenters …stay tuned!” concluded Guido Monti.

The new playlist

Alongside a mix of national and international hits from the 80s to the present, R101 will offer its listeners regular doses of the pop and disco music of the 70s, as well as plenty of dance and pop rock.

With regard to the hits of the present, R101 will highlight only quality tracks that are destined to become memorable over the years.

R101’s musical offering will “sound different”, thanks to greater variety in the playlist, which will increasingly give a sense of a more emotional station, playing a bigger range of tracks while also constantly remaining in harmony with the state of mind of the audience.

A new Web Radio dedicated to the ’70s

The new musical direction of R101 continues also online, with the addition of a new web radio dedicated to the Sounds of the ’70s: a world of pop and disco featuring the biggest hits from the period, from Donna Summer to the Bee-Gees, and from Gloria Gaynor to Abba.

The new web channel is part of the growth of the R101 site, which has seen a significant increase in its audience and contacts, reaching in a short time a total of more than 200,000 visitors.