Anteprime 2011: to close with the only italian concert by Ken Follett

The second edition of “ANTEPRIME – Ti racconto il mio prossimo libro”, an even that offers writers the possibility of presenting their new books directly to the public and organised by the municipality of Pietrasanta, a town of sculptors and artists, along with the publishing houses Einaudi, Electa, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Piemme and Sperling & Kupfer, will be held in Pietrasanta from 10 to 12 June 2011.

At various significant locations around the town – from 6.30 pm until late in the evening – the very full programme will feature a number of both well-established and new Italian and foreign authors.

Last year ANTEPRIME recorded some 15,000 visitors at the 36 encounters organised with authors and this year the programme is even richer, with more than 60 events and on the final evening Ken Follett will take off his bestselling writer’s hat and take to the stage as a musician, playing and singing with his band “Damn Right I Got the Blues”, to entertain the audience in a surprising rock and blues concert.

ANTEPRIME opens to the public the kind of meetings that publishers regularly organise for booksellers to announce and present forthcoming titles. Meetings that are increasingly conducted by the authors themselves and in which they have an opportunity to give an account of the effort and the passion that goes into the creation of a book. On the various stages of Pietrasanta the authors will be accompanied by their editors and will be able to pursue in public the constant dialogue that underpins the relationship between an author and his or her publisher. Some will read extracts from their new books, while others will explain the background or the genesis of their new work. For all of them it will be an opportunity to satisfy a public demand to know more about writers, to answer questions and raise curiosities.