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With a new and exciting Facebook app you can share virtual presents and contribute to the IEO Foundation research: because It’s the thought that counts., leader in the editorial web sites sector targeting women, launches “Basta il pensiero!” (the thought is enough!), the free Christmas Facebook application, (

This Christmas, through the “Basta il pensiero” app, Facebook users will be able to send a thought to their friends – sharing a list of virtual gifts selected by – and invite them to do the same to trigger off a real viral chain for charity.

The more gifts “unwrapped” by a click, the sooner will be able to sustain the European Oncology Institute Foundation: for every 5 gift-wraps, in fact, will donate 1 euro to FIEO towards breast cancer research, with a total help up of to 5 thousand euros.

FIEO will use the funds collected to promote an innovative pilot study, led by doctor Fedro Alessandro Peccatori (Director of the Fertility and Reproduction in Oncology Unit – IEO) aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of Counseling in Oncology.

Important goals, then, which wishes to reach with the help of its users, who will be able to participate in this initiative by downloading the “Basta il pensiero!” app.
In order to know the details, discover how to fill the Christmas tree with presents and do some good without spending a penny, just go to

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The IEO Foundation

Together with the European Oncology Institute, since 1993, the IEO Foundation is a no profit organization which raises funds to support the creation and development of experimental and clinical research. In particular, FIEO works to spread knowledge about the causes, prevention, and therapies for oncological diseases, either directly or via third parties, through biomedical and sanitary research, and through assistance , physical and psychological rehabilitation of cancer patients, and through the donation of assets both to the above mentioned people and to the Oncology European Institute in Milan, which has the same aims.