Chi launches Chic, a new fashion and beauty supplement

This week sees the arrival on newsstands of Chic, the new supplement of the weekly magazine Chi, dedicated to fashion and beauty.

Chic accompanies the reader when she goes shopping; fro fashion and accessories, as well as the choice of a hotel, through the style of the most popular celebrities. And with the taste, the search for elegance that has characterised Chi every week for so many years,” explained the editor, Alfonso Signorini.

In fact the magazine aims to be an authentic shopping guide: exploring the must haves for women’s clothing – such as jeans, the most glamorous boots and the trendiest colours -–, offering suggestions and ideas about what to wear in different moments of the day, with indications about brands, prices, and the addresses of shops and sites where the products proposed can be found and bought.

The cover of the first issue will feature Monica Bellucci, an icon of beauty and elegance, exclusively photographed for Chic by Alì Mahadavi and Ruven Afanador.

“Advertising sales, which have reached 70 pages, perfectly reflect the content of Chic, with a high concentration of fashion and cosmetics clients who have recognised both the innovative approach and the wide and qualified target at which the magazine is aimed,” declared Angelo Sajeva, chairman and chief executive of Mondadori Pubblicità.

The launch of Chic, a free supplement to the entire print run of Chi, will be supported by an advertising campaign planned on Mondadori weeklies, point of sale and titles in the sector.