Epoca: a new issue on newsstands celebrates italian legend Walter Bonatti

Two months from the death of Walter Bonatti, Epoca returns to newsstands on 12 November, with a special issue entirely dedicated to the life of the legendary mountaineer and explorer.

Over the course of his career, Bonatti was a frequent contributor to the magazine in his role as an explorer, journalist and photo-reporter, providing a generation of Italians with a series of captivating reportages from all corners of the earth.

Today the pages of Epoca relive his heroic exploits, the successes and the failures, the dramas and victories of the mountaineer, from K2 to Mont Blanc, as well as the extraordinary explorations around the globe, including deserts and glaciers, volcanoes and jungles. 150 pages of exciting first person reports and spectacular photographs, mostly unpublished, exclusively authorised for publication by Epoca by the Bonatti family.

Following the success of previous editions, on the Berlin Wall, Pope John Paul II and The Fabulous ’60s, Epoca offers a new monograph to be read and enjoyed like a magazine and collected like a book, able to accompany the readers to unexplored and uncontaminated locations through the eyes of a wholly Italian legend.

The new issue of the magazine is on sale at newsstands at €7.90.