Epoca on newsstands with a new special issue: “The fabulous ’60s”

The historic Mondadori title presents the decade that changed our lives

Epoca returns with a new special issue Che anni quegli anni ’60 (The fabulous ’60s), on newsstands from tomorrow, Friday 22 July.
Following the special editions dedicated to the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beatification of Pope John Paul II, the historic Mondadori magazine, that became famous for a unique style based on investigations and reporting with photography as the protagonist, has produced an extraordinary and intense account of the sixties, a decade that changed our lives.
The fabulous sixties, the years of The Beatles, the Kennedys, Vietnam, the Italian economic boom, are brought back to life with prestigious images and texts from one of Italian journalism’s most authoritative and noble magazines. A journey into recent memory through the events, the revolutions and the people that characterised a decade.

The special issue of Epoca is organised in four thematic areas. It starts with Il mondo sottosopra (the world turned upside down), which looks at the impact of the movements on the great international chessboard, the Kennedy saga, the Cold War, the Paris May.
The second section, Odissea nella scienza (a scientific odyssey) with the space race as a metaphor for modernity, heart transplants and the great advances of medicine and an exception piece by Giuseppe Ungaretti on the moon landing. The great lifestyle transformations are outlined in Flower Power: fourteen pages dedicated to The Beatles with the first exclusive Italian interview with the Fab Four, the birth of Warhol’s pop art and big fashion.
Finally, in Il paese sospeso (a country suspended) from some of the most significant pages of recent Italian history, between the economic boom and the years of terrorism; from the Florence flood to the dolce vita of Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren; from the student revolt to the high altitude exploits of Walter Bonatti; from the flooding of Vajont to the Piazza Fontanta massacre, that essentially ended the decade.
Epoca – Che anni quegli anni ’60 is a homage to quality journalism, thanks to a careful selection of the best articles by the magazine’s journalists and a great many illustrious contributors including: Livio Caputo, Piero Chiara, Gianni Brera, Guido Gerosa, Jean Lartéguy, Giuseppe Grazzini, Livio Pesce, Pietro Zullino and Ernest Hemingway.

The new issue of Epoca, which thanks to the prestigious 150-page bound format will be an authentic collectors’ item, will be available at all newsstands from 22 July with a cover price of €7.90.