Grazia France, two years of success

Launched in August 2009 the Mondadori France weekly confirms its position at the top in both circulation and advertising

Grazia France is two years old and celebrating its leading position in the “News Fashion Magazine” category. The upscale women’s weekly, published by Mondadori France, headed by Ernesto Mauri, has been a significant publishing success with excellent results in both circulation and advertising.

The magazine, edited by Yseult Williams, is highly appreciated by its readers thanks to an original and immediately recognisable editorial concept that combines news and celebrities, fashion, beauty and culture. Now a point of reference among haut de gamme women’s titles, Grazia France, which has from the start being an anticipator of trends, is aimed at a target of women between the ages of 25 and 44, who are active, independent, dynamic and who love to be kept up to date with habits and styles.

Circulation and advertising:
Grazia France has reached an average weekly circulation of 182,726 copies (OJD/dsh 2010 – 2011) an increase of +3% compared with 2010.
In the months of July and August alone, Grazia saw an increase in circulation in France, compared with the previous year, of +17.5%, with weekly sales of 210,000 copies. The magazine also achieved record circulation with its September issue “Special Mode”: 230,000 copies sold in France (source: publisher’s data) with a total of 116 advertising pages.
The weekly is in second place in the entire French magazine market for the total number of advertising pages sold: 2,436 pages in a year (October 2010 – September 2011), an increase of +63% (+942 pages).
The client portfolio, which is made up almost exclusively of up-market brands, confirms the upscale positioning of Grazia France, with more than 70% of fashion and beauty brands and around 50% of selected brands.

The web site: has a monthly average of around 400,000 unique users and 4 million page views (source: Nielsen), and, in September, recorded a record number of hits on the site with more than 5 million page views.

Applicazione per iPhone e iPad:
The Grazia France app for the iPhone has been downloaded by 300,000 users and is recording some 2 million page views per month. Meanwhile, yesterday saw the launch of the new “Grazia Spécial Accessoires” app dedicated to fashion accessories for the autumn/winter 2011/2012 season.

First half 2011 results and activities:
In the first half of 2011 Mondadori France generated revenues of €172.4 million, an increase of +2.4% on the same period of 2010. In terms of advertising, the company saw an increase of +4.7% compared with the first half of the previous year, while circulation revenues were up by +2.1%.

“These positive results confirm the value of the strategy based on strengthening our large circulation titles, alongside a policy of continuous improvement in editorial quality and the success of an innovative magazine like Grazia”, declared Ernesto Mauri, chairman of Mondadori France.

Also of note was the growth in circulation of the Group’s women’s monthlies, including Top Santé (+11.2%), Modes & Travaux (+11%) and Biba (+7.4%); a positive performance by the popular science area Science (+1.8%); the strengthening of the leadership in the auto segment (1.6 million copies per month) and brilliant performances by Télé Star (1,046,149 copies) and Closer (431,686 copies).
Finally, it should also be pointed out that the company’s digital activities have also been reinforced thanks to the acquisition, in September 2011, of, France’s second biggest portal for online car sales ads (Business to Consumer).