in partnership with Go Try It On, fashion community to share your look online fashion stylist for GTIO for advice about fashion and style is a fashion stylist for Go Try It On, the online community where users can exchange ideas and advice about their look in real time.

The Go Try It On (GTIO) app, leader in crowd-sourcing fashion trends on the iPhone, allows users to take a photo, share it online and get immediate feedback from friends and other members of the community. GTIO is therefore the point of reference for all those who want to get or share ideas about style and fashion.

GTIO, which already boasts over 12 million opinions posted by members of the community, which is made up 80% by women, a 30% international audience, has opened the platform to brands which has allowed to become part of the community and to get in contact with members to share and exchange ideas and advice about fashion and trends in real time., which is GTIO’s first publishing partner in Italy, in the role of fashion stylist, will respond to requests for comments in Italian and in English and will be active with its own feedback on the GTIO iPhone app, which as to date recorded 300,000 downloads.

“With GTIO brings fashion closer to the users who want to share their passion for elegance and style. And from this perspective the partnership with GTIO is fully in line with the philosophy of style is a passion to share. Anyone who is part of the GTIO community and wants to exchange ideas about their look, from today can rely also on advice from,” declared Vittorio Veltroni, Digital General Manager of Mondadori. “GTIO is an excellent example of how to combine in an unconventional way quality digital content, fashion and a social dynamic, and we are delighted to be a part of this innovative project,” Veltroni concluded.

“We are delighted that Mondadori, one of Europe’s leading publishing groups, has asked Go Try It On to make a contribution, with, to the content of our community,” declared Marissa Evans, CEO, GTIO. “The agreement will enable us to expand our list of prestigious partners, the features of our community and to get in contact with users and the world of”.