Mondadori launches “BOX FOR YOU”, a line of packaged gift sets

On sale at the 600 outlets in the Mondadori network and online at

Mondadori has announced the launch of “BOX FOR YOU”, a line of packaged gift sets featuring ideas for leisure for fans of taste, wellbeing, arts & culture, nature and passion.

“With this initiative Mondadori enters the market for gift box sets that is evolving very rapidly also in Italy, and showing a significant rate of growth,” explained Renato Rodenghi, chairman and managing director of Mondadori Direct. “BOX FOR YOU is also a further demonstration of the capacity of the Group to diversify its offer to meet the needs of new targets with a business that covers the entire value chain of the product, from the design, development and production of content, to the production and distribution of the product”, Rodenghi concluded.

“BOX FOR YOU”, which is on sale at the 600 outlets of the Group’s network (Librerie Mondadori, Edicolè, Mondadori Multicenter, Librerie Mondadori Junior, Librerie Gulliver and the Mondolibri shps) and on the web site, features a wide choice of structures across the country, so that customers can decide the destination they prefer.
The box contains an extensive catalogue of offers, with photos, written descriptions and practical information, that can also be accessed online (, and a thematic book (taste, wellbeing, culture, nature and passion) that brings together exclusively for “BOX FOR YOU” “101 ideas” for the best way to spend your leisure time. Inside there is also a pre-paid voucher and a book of discount coupons and benefits for Mondadori products and services.

The series is made up of 9 different box sets (for 1 or 2 people, with or without an overnight stay):

  • Delizie del palato”, for those who love to organise trips out of doors in the search for the tastes of Italy;
  • Viaggiare con gusto”, a weekend of wine and food;
  • È ora del relax!”, when you want to pamper yourself after the stresses and strains of the week;
  • I percorsi del benessere”, to relax both body and mind at some of Italy’s most fascinating locations;
  • Il fascino della cultura” and “Weekend culturale” to visit the main cities of art;
  • Oasi di pace” and “A contatto con la natura”, for those who want to escape the traffic and enjoy the greenery of the countryside and some fresh air;
  • Evasione romantica”, the ideal romantic getaway.

“BOX FOR YOU” has a special “Booking Centre” for clients who choose, from the catalogue or online at, a trip with an overnight stay, by telephoning or sending an email to, to make a request. If the trip selected is not available, an alternative will be suggested, along with all the necessary information. Those who select a day-trip, can contact the structure selected directly.