No tricks, just women: Donna Moderna says goodbye to models on the cover

The weekly makes its newsstand debut with a brand new formula for women’s titles in Italy and begins casting across the country for women to become protagonists of fashion and beauty features

Donna Moderna, the women’s weekly edited by Patrizia Avoledo and Cipriana Dall’Orto, is changing and launching, with the edition on the newsstands from tomorrow, a new way of bringing fashion and beauty to its readers, making “ordinary” women, with all their good points and imperfections, the protagonists and part of the daily life of the magazine’s readers.

So, it’s goodbye to models on the cover: from tomorrow Donna Moderna will turn its lights on mothers, wives, working women and businesswomen, who best reflect the needs and emerging values of Italian women. Pleasant women, of all ages, origin and size will become the protagonists of the weekly’s fashion and beauty features. Students, career women, ordinary people – immortalized by top photographers, including Fabrizio Ferri, Gianpaolo Barbieri and Carole Bellaïche, will make it increasingly ‘possible’ to realize the dream of wearing a nice dress and posing for an exclusive feature on the latest beauty trends.

A radical change determined by the need to be ever closer to its readers, their expectations and providing a response to the growing demand for truth, even when the issue is fashion and beauty, as well as the emergence of new targets, the request for personalised contacts and the affirmation of a new pride in being a woman.

Every week a ‘real’ woman will appear on the magazine’s cover. Beginning tomorrow with three women, mothers and wives, but above all workers and business women, who have exceptionally accepted to pose for Donna Moderna: Antonella Rana, Olivia Toscani and Deborah Orlando.

To become one of the protagonists of forthcoming issues of the weekly, Donna Moderna is also launching online an open casting for “real” women across Italy: to take part it is possible to upload your photo and video on (from 30 June 2011).

“Donna Moderna is not giving up its mission: to make the lives of its readers easier, it will remain a ‘problem solving’ magazine, but, for this, we need to be able to respond to signals of change, which are increasingly rapid, in the lives of women. Grown up women, confident, demanding and keen to be protagonists,” declared Patrizia Avoledo and Cipriana Dall’Orto, the editor and co-editor of the weekly.