Now online a new user experience to help you discover more fashion, beauty and lifestyle, the new site of the women’s weekly Grazia, is now online. is a dynamic, interactive contemporary container full of novelty and voices that discuss Italian style and the very latest trends in fashion beauty and lifestyle with personality and irony.

The weekly’s new site is characterised by the “It factor” which has two meanings: first of all, it refers to Italy, a country with a huge influence on the world of fashion, beauty and design. And It in the sense of “in fashion”, and is the site of reference for fashion addicts. is completely new, in its content, look and interface. Big, colourful images are the real protagonists of the site, while content, produced by bloggers, photographers, digital artists and professionals from the sector, alternates with detailed coverage by the weekly’s editorial staff and, of course, audio files of interviews and video clips of the magazine’s guests, all of which is coordinated by Tamu McPherson – head of is approachable and easy to use thanks to fast and flexible menu, along with traditional vertical and horizontal navigation, similar to flicking through a magazine. The aim is to make the user’s experience as immediate and straightforward as possible. is online in 4 sections:

It Fashion is the heart of the site: fashion viewed as a game, something that is fun, joyous and light-hearted. The new trends, cult accessories and what’s right if you want to become an icon of style.
It Beauty: all of the latest beauty and wellbeing products and advice, with special attention to the most recent research in cosmetics.
Magazine: a channel reserved for the content of Grazia, the editorials and comments of the columnists, more detailed coverage by the editorial staff, the magazine’s big investigations and surveys, audio files of interviews and video clips of the magazine’s guests.
It Culture: a window on Italian and international lifestyle, to keep you always up to speed on what’s happening in art, events and entertainment. will also soon be expanded with other new features and content, from shopping suggestions to daily tips to inspire you. Blogs will also have extensive space to share new ideas with the readers of the magazine, as well as daily fashion updates straight from the web.

And of course, Tamu McPherson’s take on the world of fashion and the latest trends., whose creative director is Macs Iotti. is accessible on a PC, iPhone and iPad, and you can also interact with the social networks Facebook and Twitter directly from the homepage.