On newsstands from tomorrow Donna Moderna Wellness the first magazine “for the ecology of the mind and body”

A 360° guide for the wellbeing of its readers

On newsstands from tomorrow – 15 September – Donna Moderna Wellness, a new monthly from Donna Moderna.
The magazine, edited by Patrizia Avoledo and Cipriana Dall’Orto, is the first popular magazine dedicated to the ecology of mind and body. In fact, the title will respond to the increasingly common need to find a healthy and harmonious lifestyle to maintain your health and take care of yourself in a gentle manner by exploiting the personal resources that all of us have.

Donna Moderna Wellness is the result of the evolution of Donna in Forma,” explains editor Patrizia Avoledo. “We are fed up with making sacrifices, at the table or in the gym, and the resulting frustrations. Today everyone is looking for an integrated lifestyle, with an appetising but healthy diet, constant and pleasurable movement, sound sleep, the use of non-aggressive therapies and a psychological balance to help us stay well,” Avoledo continued. “We are used to listening to our bodies only when we are not well. We have turned this perspective on its head: we listen to what our bodies and minds are telling us about our wellbeing,” the editor concluded.

Donna Moderna Wellness is divided into five sections: ‘You are what you eat, ‘Get moving, ‘Discover real beauty, ‘Take care of yourself, naturally’ and ‘Create your fashion’.
Great attention is given to advice concerning bio diets, the latest trends in physical exercise and beauty facilitated also by soft treatments. Extensive space will also be given to natural approaches to prevention and health care, once a niche interest but now an authentic market area in expansion.

“Today’s women want the truth, about products, about news, about advice,” claims Cipriana Dall’Orto, co-editor of the magazine. “In line with the new Donna Moderna, which has made this ‘truth’ its rallying call, Donna Moderna Wellness will dismantle commonplaces and bad habits. So we will audaciously swim against the tide, for example, by not talking about diets and calories, or obsessive search for a type of beauty that ends up making everyone the same. Rather, we will help, dare we say we will ‘educate’, women to find a lifestyle that fits them and that takes account of their real needs, without false myths or illusory expectations. And all with the help of qualified experts,” concluded, Dall’Orto.

Donna Moderna Wellness will launch with a very modern design that is essential and where colour is used to highlight the different topics. It will not use stock photos, but candid photos of celebrities in their ‘real moments’ in order to exploit that mischievous game of identification and consolation that women like so much.

“As happened with the evolution of Donna Moderna also with the new Donna Moderna Wellness, the attention and interest of advertisers has been very high and the results in terms of advertising significant, declared Angelo Sajeva, chairman and chief executive of Mondadori Pubblicità.“The first issue will include some 63 advertising pages, 55% more than last year and with double the revenues. We are extremely satisfied also with the results for subsequent issues, which are ahead of our expectations,” Sajeva concluded.

The staff of Donna Moderna Wellness will include a ‘ecopass stamp’ for discoveries and products particularly effective for the mind and body.
Special columns will also be introduced for what’s new and the need to do, in just a few minutes, something “good” for yourself.
The central. Four-page insert, features a quick and useful mini-course to discover how your mind and body react to certain situations, immediately, after a month, after a year; for example, “What happens …”, if you smoke, sleep well, eat too much and many more.

Donna Moderna Wellness will be a monthly supplement to Donna Moderna from Thursday 15 September.
In support of the launch of the magazine a campaign has been planned using various media: Mondadori magazine, the web, social networks and POS.