On newsstands from tomorrow the new Panorama Travel

“Ready to use” itineraries and ideas

Panorama Travel, the monthly edited by Giancarlo Pini, will be on newsstands from tomorrow, Friday 21 October, with a completely new look.

Since its launch a point of reference for travel and lifestyle enthusiasts, Panorama Travel is changing its philosophy, approach and editorial line: to spectacular images and the most original destinations, it is now adding a more practical approach, shorter trips and useful and detailed information, making it a magazine not just for dreams, but also to “consume”.

Right from the cover, with a new logo, a more immediate and usable layout, and the claim “Don’t give up your dreams”, the radical transformation of the magazine is evident, an attempt to evoke desires and to render them realisable. Consequently, also the proposals of the new Panorama Travel have changed: itineraries and concrete suggestions with a wide range of prices and “ready to use” ideas for weekends and locations, more space for the more modern types of travel, shopping, cooking and wellbeing.

Moreover Panorama Travel will be “fully tested” and verified by the editorial staff to guarantee the maximum reliability of a magazine that wants to be a trusted product for its readers, an indispensible accompaniment for travellers on all sorts of trips, with descriptions of destinations that are exactly as they are.

For the launch of the new Panorama Travel a communication campaign has been put together (creativity by the agency Hi! Communication), and planned for radio, newspapers and magazines.
The new Panorama Travel will be on newsstands from 21 October with the launch price of €2.50.