Panorama launches “Tag”, the future of QR

An innovative system for reading content on mobile devices
The new technology makes its debut tomorrow on newsstands

Panorama takes another step forward in the world of multimedia information with the launch of “Tag”, an innovative technology designed to access extra content using mobile devices.

In the issue on newsstands tomorrow, Friday 28 January, Panorama will provide all of its readers with the new Tag code, which is fast and easy to use and makes it possible to connect much more rapidly to the web, superseding the previous QR technology exclusively introduced by Panorama in 2009.

The weekly edited by Giorgio Mulè is consequently pursuing, for the first time in Italy, a new form of multimedia content integration.

Following the debut of QR, AR “augmented reality”, VIP™ (Video In Print) and 3D the Mondadori newsmagazine confirms its commitment to innovation by continuing to experiment new ways of integrating the printed page with new digital technologies. And Panorama continues to push back the frontiers of news and information by embracing the broadest range of technological platforms.

Advertisers have also decided to bet of the innovation proposed by Panorama with the Tag technology and, in the next issue, four clients – IBM, Edison, Ecolamp and Kangra – will try out the new system inside the spaces dedicated to them.

Tag is a simple colour code that is easy to use and makes it possible to see video clips or access information of any kind. All you need to do is to capture the code with the lens of a smartphone or similar device and the multimedia content (video, audio and surveys, etc.) will appear on the display.

The software to read the Tag system is unique and works with all mobile devices with a camera and web connection. Installation is automatic and free: just send an SMS with the message “Tagme” to the number 320 20 41 711, or use the browser on your device to access and follow the instructions.

Readers of Panorama will find all the necessary information for installation in the next issue of the weekly (and in all subsequent issues).