the new Mondadori site for all motor aficionados

The popular magazine dedicated to the world of four wheels is now also available on the web

Panoramauto gets its own space on the web with the launch of a site that aims to become a meeting point for all those who want to change their car, keep up to date with what’s new on the market and share their enthusiasm for engines.

The new is targeted at motor enthusiasts who are looking for a point of reference for detailed information and advice. The site takes users through all the different phases of buying a vehicle: discovery, with previews, road tests, prices and a quiz to identify the ideal car; purchase, with a section dedicated to ads for second-hand and 0-km cars; and usage, with tips and suggestions for getting the best from your car day after day. comes to the web as a valuable resource for those who want to keep up with what’s “new” on the market. It provides overviews, previews and detailed tests of new models and concept cars. Other notable sections include channels dedicated to green cars and technologies and female consumers.

The experience of the magazine will underpin the road tests, buyers’ guide and initial contacts. And, completing the new site, will be a number of photo galleries, with a strong visual impact and a selection of, exclusive and free, high-quality videos on road tests and what’s new in the showrooms and at the car fairs.

Of special interest is the readers’ tests, a space where enthusiasts can share their own driving experiences and receive the votes and comments of other users. is also on the main social networks:
– Facebook,
– Twitter,
– YouTube

“The web has become a formidable and extremely valuable source of information. Anyone who is thinking of making an important buying decision, such as a new car, will check the internet for the latest news on new models, fuel consumption and performance. Panoramauto, with its extensive and concrete experience in the auto sector, is starring now on the web too” declared Roberto Sicardi, Head of Properties at Mondadori Digital. “We are sure that will engage not only the readers of the traditional print version, but will also attract new users who want to be informed and keep up to date in a rapid and modern way, in the knowledge that they are accessing authoritative content and background information produced by real experts” Sicardi concluded.