R101 expands with new presenters and news programmes

The arrival of Isabella Eleodori, Tamy T. and Federico L’Olandese Volante
R101 always closer to its listeners: more music, voices and content

R101 begins 2011 with an expanded schedule of music, voices and content.
After a change of skin at the end of 2010, focusing on an even more exciting music offer, from today R101 will also “sound different” and not only thanks to the big hits of yesterday and today, but above all thanks to some extraordinary new entries.
In fact, joining the R101 team of presenters are Isabella Eleodori, Tamy T., and Federico l’Olandese Volante, personalities who have helped to write the history of Italian radio.

“It’s a start to the year that is full of new features and positive energy for the station,” declared R101’s station manager Guido Monti. “We are delighted that Isabella, Tamy T. and Federico have agreed to accept the challenge and they will be on the air with new and engaging shows,” Monti added. “An offer of music that will be increasingly accurate and exciting, new programmes to add to our consolidated successes: a demonstration that R101 has the listeners at its heart, accompanying them day by day in their normal lives, talking about their dreams and listening to their experiences,” concluded Monti.

R101 also confirms for 2011 all of the traditional pillars of its schedule. Starting with the irresistible comedy of “La Carica di 101” with Cristiano Militello, Paolo Cavallone and Sara, right up to “Superclassifica” with Federica Panicucci; from “Molto personale” with Marco Balestri to the new and mould-breaking programme by Vladimir Luxuria in the role of commentator, and from the unmissable duo Paolo Dini and Lester to the evening entertainment provided by Alberto Davoli and Chiara Lorenzutti.

R101 will increasingly follow its listeners with an increase in live programming: in fact, in January the station will be on the air from 5 in the morning until well into the night, without continuity solutions. At the same time, there will be an increase in the space dedicated to news, with three bulletins every hour: “Ultimo minuto” a 60 second news update, with “In primo piano”, providing more detailed look at news from around the world every twenty minutes.


The new programmes

Federico l’Olandese Volante
A legendary voice of Italian radio, Federico L’Olandese Volante comes to R101 with a daily two-hour Monday-to-Friday programme (from 3 to 5 pm), packed with energy and music. In addition, every Sunday, L’Olandese Volante will be on the air from 2 to 5 pm with a very special programme dedicated to an all-round exploration of new music. Federico L’Olandese Volante, whose real name is Federico Van Stegeren, was born in Deventer, Holland. He began his career when he was very young as an animator, DJ, tourist guide and lifeguard at his father’s hotel on Lake Garda. He became famous with the “Woytila disco Dance” in 1979 and was involved in numerous TV programmes, including “Popcorn” in 1983 with the Band of Jocks and. in the ’90s, “Il gioco dei nove” presented by Gerry Scotti.

Tamy T.
Tamy T. comes to R101 with an evening programme, on the air every day from 7 to 9 pm, which explores the best of Italian and international music production. Better known as Tamara Taylor, her real name, she was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to Italian parents and grew up in a number of different countries, including Australia.

Isabella Eleodori
Isabella will allow listeners to wake up more softly, with a programme of news and entertainment leading up to the “Carica”. She will have the job – every day, from Monday to Friday, from 5 to 7 am, of accompanying listeners who have to get up very early and want a selection of music from when they wake up to the start of the day.

Vladimir Luxuria
At midday, there will be a new programme with Vladimir Luxuria, one of the country’s most corrosive, abrasive and unpredictable commentators. Thirty minutes every day, from Monday to Friday, in the company of her wisdom and viewpoint, covering a range of issues, from news to lifestyle.

A completely new mixed programme, with a selection of the hits that made us dance in the ’70s and ’80s. Two hours of just music, to raise the rhythm of Friday and Saturday night. From 1 to 3 am 3 Yesterdance, takes no hostages.

Il Botto “doubles”
There is big news for R101’s celebrated game “Fai il botto con il tuo compleanno”. In fact, in “Botto” will double its presence and during the week, on different days and at different times, there will more opportunities to win €1,000. “La Carica di 101” will invite listeners to tune in to R101 later in the day to participate in the assignment of more €1,000 prizes.

Apart from this, the rules of the game will be the same as in previous years: every day, from Monday to Friday, a date will be extracted and the first listener with a birthday on the same date to call in, will be the winner of the €1,000 card.

Finally, listeners can also paly “Fai il botto con il tuo compleanno” online at R101.it: until 13 February vouchers worth €101 to be used at Bol.it will be up for grabs.


The 2011 schedule of R101

Monday – Friday
5 – 7 Isabella Eleodori

7 – 10 “La Carica di 101”, with Paolo Cavallone, Cristiano Militello, Sara

10 – 12 Paolo Dini & Lester

12 – 12.30 Vladimir Luxuria

12.30 – 15 Tamara Donà

15 – 17 Federico l’Olandese Volante

17 – 19 “Molto personale”, with Marco Balestri

19 – 21 Tamy T.

21- 01 Chiara Lorenzutti & Alberto Davoli

√ Mondays only, from 9 pm to 1 am: Gialappa’s Band

√ Fridays (and Saturdays) from 1 to 3 am: “Yesterdance”

6- 9 Sara

9 – 12 Paolo Dini & Lester

12 – 14 Chiara Lorenzutti

14 – 15 “I Raccattapalle” with Paolo Cavallone, Sergio Sironi, Cristiano Militello

15 – 18 “Superclassifica”, con Federica Panicucci

18 – 21 Tamy T.

21 – 1 “Disco 101”, with Dr. Feelx

1- 3 “Yesterdance

7- 10 Isabella Eleodori

10 – 14 Chiara Lorenzutti

14 – 17 Federico L’Olandese Volante

17 – 21 Alberto Davoli

21 – 24 “Superclassifica”, with Federica Panicucci