R101: the first sit-com for digital media. On Youtube the video campaign “La Carica Quotidiana”

R101 has launched on YouTube the first video campaign to be realised and organised by an Italian radio station exclusively on digital media.

In fact, from Monday 11 April 11 the R101 sit-com “La Carica Quotidiana” will be available on the home page of YouTube. The creative idea of the video is a comic format that has as its protagonists the presenters of “La Carica di 101”, the station’s popular morning show.

In a number of episodes, each lasting about one minute, “La Carica Quotidiana” offers the brilliant humour of “Carica”, with a daily spot on R101 that takes an ironic look at the news of the day.
Paolo Cavallone, Cristiano Militello and Sara find themselves in the shoes of improbable newsagents, struggling with the everyday problem of selling their wares.
In the serial the three presenters are regularly interrupted by the arrival of a customer: and an off-stage voice appears of VIPs, politicians and celebrities (including Massimo Moratti, Roberto Vecchioni, the former minister Sandro Bondi, Lapo Elkann, Jovanotti, Christian De Sica, and others) imitated in the irresistible style of Sergio Sironi and Leonardo Fiaschi.

“2011 continues to be an important year for the station,” declared Fabrizio Savorani, marketing director of Monradio. “After the recent launch of a print-based campaign focused on Marco Balestri, the presenter of ‘Molto Personale’, we decided to turn our attention to another of the station’s successful programmes, the morning show ‘La Carica di 101’, with a new format that reproduces the comic dynamics of the show, as if it were a real a sit-com.” Savorani explained.

“We consequently developed a digital campaign specifically for YouTube, which with its 7 million daily page views will give us huge visibility across a wide target audience in line with the content of our radio show,” he concluded.

The next episodes of “Carica Quotidiana” will be available on YouTube on Tuesday 19 April, Tuesday 27 April, Thursday 5 May, Friday 13 May and the following weeks, with other new episodes.

R101’s digital campaign for YouTube di R101 was developed by the agency Tita. Creativity by art director Annamaria Santoro and copywriter Andrea Masciullo. The episodes were shot by Max Croci and produced by Movie & Arts.