The all new Donnamoderna.con is now online

New design, dynamic and increasingly social schedule and content

A completely new is now online, with a new design and with even more authoritative content geared increasingly to the users.
An authentic transformation for the Mondadori women’s web portal web which aims to further consolidate its leadership in the panorama of editorial sites aimed at women.

The renewal is exemplified by a more immediate approach that aims to enhance, with particular attention to the world of social media, the wealth of the editorial offer.
“It is a radical change, offering more content, a more evolved graphic look and a schedule that can be modified in real time on the basis of online trends,” declared Daniela Cerrato, head of
“In terms of numbers, a single figure is enough: a daily average of 213,270 unique users. A pool of users that places in the top position among editorial sites for women and among the top ten in news, and achievement that, in our plans, is merely the starting point for continued development,” concluded Cerrato.

The web site of Donna Moderna – Italy’s leading women’s weekly – consequently confirms its role as the preferred choice also online for women to share experiences and where they can find every day the news and services they need to simplify their daily lives.

“With the new features introduced today we will enhance the possibilities for our clients,” claimed Davide Mondo, managing director of Mediamond. “For us, women users are a fundamental asset, particularly for the key role they play as drivers of consumer spending. And Mediamond once again confirms its position as the leader in this segment of the Italian web market,” concluded Mondo.

The content is organised in 12 thematic channels, with special attention to Beauty, Fashion, Mothers and Cooking produced by a team of web editors, and the News channel edited by the magazine’s editorial staff.
In order to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding audience with little time to spare, offers a dynamic schedule that changes continuously during the day, with services, reviews and surveys. A team of web and social editors dedicated to keeping the site up to date will ensure that every day the most searched issues and subjects on the net will get adequate coverage using sophisticated tools that make it possible to immediately respond to the preferences and needs of users.

The site can also be rapidly and easily accessed in mobile on tablet devices, thanks to a shorter and essential home page and content that has been designed for multi-device use.
The new site also has additional space for video content and above all for interaction with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It will be possible for users to share, in real time, all of the content, from leading news stories to fashion tips and advice about beauty products and the best recipes.
Also more interactive, has a variety of innovative and amusing widgets: from a slot machine for recipes to a box for quotations, a calorie counter and virtual make-up.
The community of users will play an even bigger role through comments, forums, blogs and groups that will be increasingly highlighted. The most popular user-generated content will consequently become an added value that will enhance the overall appeal of the site.