The Donabol operation brings writers and the web together to provide an ideal library for four italian schools

At the XXIV International Book Fair in Turin, will launch DonaBol – Books donated by the web, a new charitable initiative that will involve the donation by of a library to four Italian schools. The aim is to provide the schools with the texts that have had the biggest impact on the lives of readers and net users by sharing their favourite titles with friends, passing on emotions, tastes and opinions that are, in fact, exchanged and give users the sense of being a part of a community and being involved in an important initiative.

Through DonaBol, and along with those taking part, will bring a passion for books and reading to others who can enjoy the positive effects of the actions of others. To support the schools and to give everyone the opportunity of helping kids and students become familiar with the books they deem fundamental.

The schools that will benefit from the initiative – among the most need in Milan, Turin, Naples and Palermo – have been selected thanks to the collaboration of the CGM cooperative, Italy’s largest network of social enterprises, operating across the country since 1987, which has more than 10,000 operating units and a staff of 45,000 in the various regions.

To take part in DonaBol all you need to do is visit the stand at the Turin Book Fair (from 12 to 16 May 2011, pavilion 2, stand H126-J125) and sign up, or go to the web site where, from 12 May, there will be a dedicated page for Donabol, and indicate the five titles that you consider the most important in your life. When you have completed your list, the user will be invited to indicate the initiative to as many people as possible, sharing the titles on Facebook and Twitter and inviting their friends to take part. Everyone is invited to make their selection of books for DonaBol: the more contributions, the more books will be donated and the more the dream of donating a library to the four schools will become a reality.

The initiative will be launched on 12 May, with the opening of the Turin Book Fair, and will go on until the end of the month. When the collection of titles has been completed, the most selected titles will join those to be donated to the schools and will support the head teachers of the selected schools, who will evaluate their suitability with the schools’ syllabus and needs.