The new Cosmopolitan hits the newsstands a new formula and new format to be closer to readers

From 12 February a new look for the monthly edited by Annalisa Monfreda
An all-round review, including the web site community

Cosmopolitan, the Hearst-Mondadori monthly edited by Annalisa Monfreda, will hit the newsstands on Saturday 12 February with a completely new look.

Changes to the new Cosmo begin from the format, which will be bigger (21.5 x 28.5cm), putting a greater emphasis on the images, the ideas and readers’ contributions. The design combines colour and elegance, while the photographic language is more refined and able to speak to the readers in an ironic and personal manner with which they can identify.

The new Cosmo will remain a point of reference for young women from 25 up: a magazine that accompanies women as they grow into adulthood, with an amusing and authentic approach, able to address any issue, while continuing to reflect a way of life marked by pleasure and self-irony.

One’s relationship with oneself, with men, fashion, beauty, work, technology health, travel and entertainment will remain at the heart of the Cosmo world. With the difference that they will be enriched by more unusual points of view, thanks to the ironic views of talented young writers such as Federica Bosco, Chiara Cecilia Santamaria, Paolo Maddeddu and Micol Beltramini.

“We have returned to the roots of Cosmo, to rediscover the meaning of the three words that have always accompanied the magazine in more than 60 countries around the world: fun, fearless, female,” explained the editor Annalisa Monfreda. “Fun is what guides us in the selection and treatment of topics; fearless is the courage that we use in telling our stories in a sincere and transparent way; female simply reflects the way that we see the world,” concluded Monfreda.

In the monthly’s new formula news will provide an opportunity to reflect on contemporary phenomena and changes in the lifestyle of readers. Ever greater attention will also be given to the world of celebrities and the curiosities that characterise them. The fashion and beauty sections will continue to have a primary place and will be inspired by what’s new and emerging trends, without abandoning a “coaching” role for readers.

The new Cosmo has also changed with a view to growing also online, thanks to the launch of the new community on the web site (300,000 unique users and 2.6 million page views per month, Source: Nielsen, Site Census). The readers of Cosmo will have a digital space where they can keep up to date, create their own blog, post photos, create discussion groups, exchange private messages, participate in the forum, chat and have fun with the dress-up function.

On the advertising sales side Angelo Sajeva, chairman and chief executive of Mondadori Pubblicità, did not hide his satisfaction: “It’s just over two months since the new Cosmopolitan was presented to the market and positive reactions have been immediate. The interest of advertisers has gone beyond expectations, an indication that the new formula works and that the clients have rediscovered in the magazine the characteristics of a successful product. The new format, the new content, the photographic images and the renewed attention to the fashion and cosmetics sectors have enabled us to achieve overbooking with the first issues of the re-launch and a very positive forecast for subsequent issues,” concluded Sajeva.

In support of the launch of the new Cosmo a campaign has been developed across various media: TV (Mediaset, Sky, digital), print (Mondadori magazines), web, social networks and PoS.

The first two issues of the new Cosmopolitan will have an exceptional print run of around 300,000 copies, and a promotional cover price of €1.