The new site is online now. New features include: @pprendiscienza, Me-book, LinkYou…

New features include: @pprendiscienza, Me-book, LinkYou…

With a new layout and look, the completely renewed Mondadori Education web site – a point of reference for teachers, students and parents – is now online.
The site covers all levels and years, from primary to the first and second level secondary, and university, and offers easy and rapid consultation for both catalogues of published materials and training – textbooks, courses, teaching materials and multimedia content in the company’s 12 imprints – as well as new services for teaching:

  • @pprendiscienza, is the most extensive database of interactive resources for the study of the sciences in levels I and II of secondary schools with 30,000 digital assets and 1200 virtual lessons. A huge platform that provides digital teaching content and multimedia tools for the creation, integration and extension of daily lessons and the simplification of the work of the teacher;
  • Me-book, a new customizable interactive digital book featuring multimedia content. With me-book both teachers and students can have rapid access to the digital content of the book, underline, highlight, make notes, compare documents on different pages, create and personalise lessons using the “slideshow” function and adding text and links directly to slides;
  • Libropiùweb, is a new book concept that integrates study with printed texts with technology. The textbook is enriched online with exercises, interactive activities, more detailed background, self-correcting tests MP3 files, film clips, crosswords, conceptual maps and a range of other content;
  • LinkYou is a combination of personalised services, created by Mondadori Education for teachers, that includes: Il tuo consulente personale (Your personal consultant) a Mondadori Education contact to assist users in the use of digital teaching materials with LIM and other tools; Il tuo consulente tecnico (Your personal technical consultant) comes into play when teachers want to introduce a teaching activity using new technology; Il tuo consulente didattico e disciplinare (Your personal teaching and disciplinary consultant) available for teachers who have selected Libropiùweb or having difficulties in accessing digital content.

LinkYou is also multimedia teaching seminars: free personalised training courses; a valuable and concrete support to evaluate and make the best use of all of the digital content that accompanies the textbooks chosen by teachers.

The home page also features a dynamic and continuously updated product showcase – contained in a central banner in Flash – a captivating way of presenting to users the new titles in educational publishing for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Scrolling down the page, there are three boxes at the bottom dedicated to the abovementioned services LinkYou, Me-book and the Devoto-Oli, the authoritative Italian dictionary, now edited by well-known linguistic scholars such Luca Serianni and Maurizio Trifone. A complete version of the 2011 edition of the Devoto-Oli dictionary is also available for the iPhone and iPad. The iPad version also allows users to personalise items and to share them on the leading social networks such as Facebook e Twitter, as well as by email.

Other sections provide information concerning the world of education: from teaching films on the Canale video (video channel) to news in “ME&YOU” and Appuntamenti (meetings & events) of interest for teachers.