You can tell who uses Devoto-Oli

The campaign begins for the ground-breaking Le Monnier dictionary at Mondadori Franchising and Retail outlets

In the Devoto-Oli Le Monnier dictionary you will find the Italian of Dante and digital natives, the latest jargon of economists and the most colourful expressions in dialect: from papello to green economy and from lungi to pescetariano. An Italian dictionary is a meeting point where all Italians ought to be able to recognise themselves, a place where the specialised terminology of the scientist can live with the neologism of journalists, the slang of youth, the formal language of literary tradition, the dialects of the different regions and loan words imported from around the world.

The Devoto-Oli is the ideal dictionary for all those who want to have an appropriate control over how they express themselves and use the language on a daily basis and who want to stand out without showing themselves up. A tool that, when used as necessary, makes all the difference.

This is the start of the promotional campaign for the 2012 edition of the ground-breaking Le Monnier dictionary.

The claim developed by the Turin-based advertising company INEDITHA is The 2012 Devoto-Oli: you can tell who uses it. The three “subjects” use a number of polished expressions (chiedo venia, calende greche, sollucchero), in contexts that are familiar to everyone, for example a jokey message between colleagues on an iPad during a meeting; a graffiti message on a wall to a girlfriend and a note left on a windscreen with apologies for damage caused (Chiedo venia per aver urtato la sua macchina).

The campaign will run at 125 Mondadori Franchising and Mondadori Retail outlets around the country and is aimed at the end-user with a view to encouraging purchase: to teens, students, families, to those who study, read and work with the language and not only professionals, teachers and intellectuals.

100 Mondadori bookstore franchises and 25 Retail outlets will have totems, double-sided flags, change machines and promo-card at cash desks and the windows of the outlets will be dressed featuring the three subjects. At both networks monitors will show the campaign video and inside the Mondadori Multicenter in Piazza Duomo in Milan, there will be a giant panel with one of the three subjects.

The campaign will also run in the specialised educational press (Tuttoscuola), in la Repubblica newspaper, the magazines of the two bookstore chains involved in the campaign and, with banners (leaderboards and skyscrapers) on the Ibs, Libraccio and Mondadori Education websites.

The 2012 Devoto-Oli
The 2012 edition of the Devoto-Oli Le Monnier dictionary includes 350 new words, 150,000 clear and exhaustive definitions; 40,000 locutions and clearly indicated expressions; 3,240 two-colour pages; constantly updated scientific terminology, with neologisms such as Evo-Devo (evolution of development), cisgenico, psicocorporeo and mineralogramma.

The selection of new words – that provides a clear indication of the evolution of the language, and that includes the expressions of digital natives, the jargon of economists and a range of current expressions – great importance is given to dialects and foreign loan words. Among the 350 new items included in the new edition are those related to ecology, from current affairs and politics, the world of business and finance, the jargon of TV and newspapers, and the world of youth, from new technologies, fashion and new trends, as well as advertising.

The dictionary is available with a multi-platform DVD-Rom (Windows, Mac and Linux) – that can also be used on an Interactive Multimedia Board, which as well as containing the entire up-dated version of the Devoto-Oli, also includes a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms – and with an annual licence for online consultation, that provides access to the dictionary from any computer in any location.

Finally, the mobile version is available from the Apple Store with the App universale of the 2012 Devoto-Oli for the iPhone and iPad.