20 September sees the launch of Flair a new magazine dedicated to fashion, arts and culture

20 September sees the arrival of Flair, the new magazine for fashion, arts and culture, for women who love style in all its forms, and with special attention to the creativity of the protagonists of international fashion. Flair, edited by Emanuele Farnetti, is a new upscale editorial product from Mondadori available on newsstands and on iPad with Panorama.

Flair is a new magazine, characterised by its strong contemporary vocation: anticipating trends and with a sophisticated image, able to identify new talent and bring together the cultural phenomena that revolve around the world of fashion and cosmetics.
The magazine will alternate fashion features with quality journalism, using prestigious writers and photographers. In fact, the new magazine’s contributors will include Italian and international reporters, writers and critics including Tim Blanks, Godfrey Deeny, Renata Molho, Giuseppe Scaraffia and Francesco Bonami.

The layout of the new Flair is highly consistent with the editorial concept, combining the magazine’s cultural approach with the enhancement of the visual content. On the one hand, focusing on the word, respect for the text and the writers contributing to the magazine. And, on the other hand, photos, which are highlighted and treated with the utmost respect, from the cover that features a beauty icon of the moment, able to synthesize the idea of ​​contemporary beauty and express the spirit of the times.
The cover and the fashion feature of the first issue of Flair are by the great photographer Juergen Teller – whose exhibition, ‘The Girl with the Broken Nose’. for which the magazine is one of the promoters, will run in Milan from 21 September in Milan. The protagonist of the photo shoot published exclusively by Flair is Italy’s the most important supermodel, Mariacarla Boscono, photographed in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Fashion and Beauty
The two key elements of Flair are fashion and beauty, two realities through which it is possible to intercept art, design, music, photography, literature and many other aspects of modernity. Fashion is crossover, vibrant and irreverent, it uses new languages, selects international talent and proposes a new and strong points of view.
The key element of the new Flair is beauty, which is handled with unique, high-impact images, which surprise and excite thanks to the related interviews stories and columns.

The world of Flair
There are many sections that enrich the magazine with special contributions: from the ‘Flair of the moment’ column that offers a designer gift from special guests through words, phrases, photographs; the ‘Key Word’ column that reads the contemporary world through a keyword.
And the magazine doesn’t ignore the fusion of art, fashion and style thanks to the ‘Art + Fashion’ column, while in ‘Features’ Flair readers explore in depth new places of style with interviews, stories and reportage. Finally ‘Encore’ provides a glimpse of emerging talent in music, literature and art.

The first issue of Flair has been a great success in terms of advertising, with the presence of all the major Italian and international players in fashion and beauty.
The launch of the magazine will be supported by an advertising campaign planned for national newspapers, Mondadori magazines, trade publications and points of sale and marked with an exclusive event to be held on 20 September at Palazzo Reale in Milan on the occasion of the opening of ‘The Girl with the Broken Nose’, an exhibition of work by Juergen Teller promoted by Flair, the City of Milan and Moschino.